Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Der Nationalismus der Albaner und keine Ende: Ein CIA Analyist warnt

Der Nationalismus der Albaner ist inzwischen peinlich und ein Produkt krimineller Zirkel, wenn man mit vollen Wissen auch noch eine vollkommen falsche Geschichte verbreitet, wie die Illyrier Abstammung und den Unfug, das der Kosovo immer schon von Albanern besiedelt war. Ein Historischer Unfug, wie die Osmanischen Steuer Bücher ebenso zeigen, weil die Osmanen erst Albaner im Kosovo ansiedelten. Keine Bildung und dann sogar auf der Website des Premier Minister, wird wissentlich eine falsche Albaner Geschichte verbreitet, welche kein einziger richtiger Historiker selbst bei den Albanern je verbreitet hat.
James Clapper: ethnic and political divisions, the greatest danger for the Western Balkans

Clapper - To implement the agreements reached between Kosovo and Serbia with the mediation of the European Union In Albania, according to the report, government institutions suffer from corruption and undue political influence over them. In the months preceding the parliamentary elections of June, there is concern back in fierce partisan conflict that erupted after the 2009 parliamentary elections, when the opposition contested the elections and occasionally boycotted parliament for nearly 2 years. Internal political and ethnic divisions, will pose the greatest risk to Western Balkans in 2013. This is the assessment of U.S. intelligence agencies, according to the annual report that they submit to the Congress. The report was presented yesterday by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, during a seance on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Issues.
Nationalism: Fule criticizes Tirana

Nationalism: Fule criticizes Tirana
From Belgrade, where he is staying in an official visit, the Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, criticized on Twitter the nationalistic rhetoric held in Albania.

“Albania delivers on "creativity". Is nationalism in a form we hear it from Tirana really based on Euroatlantic values??”, Fule makes a rhetoric question.

After Belgrade, the Commissioner will visit Prishtina this Tuesday to discuss the European reforms and the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue. The Commissioner’s cabinet announced that on March 25th Fule will visit Tirana too.

Besides the main speech on EU integration, in a conference with the citizens, the civil society and business, the Commissioner is also expected to inaugurate a website of the EU delegation in Tirana, which aims to be a platform for all the people who are interested on Albania’s EU integration.

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