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Miroslav Miskovic und Stanko Subotic, haben nun eigene Website's

08 Mar 13
New Website Lauds Tycoon Miskovic's Good Deeds
As the Appellate Court readies to decide on whether to extend Miroslav Miskovic's detention, a new website has appeared, praising the tycoon's honesty and work with the poor.
Bojana Barlovac
Miskovic's Delta company has launched a website about the boss. Entitled "The Miroslav Miskovic Story" tells a touching life story of the tycoon in both Serbian and English.
"From a boy in a small village to the most successful businessperson in Serbia, Miroslav Miskovic has held true to the values he learned growing up: neighborliness and hard work," it begins.
According to the website, while selling shoes with his father, Miskovic learned lessons that would endure: persistence, honesty, providing quality products; keeping customers satisfied; and planning for the future.
Miskovic's Delta Holding, the largest private company in Serbia, is involved in a wide variety of activities, including import-export, real estate, insurance, retail and wholesale.
The website has appeared at a timely moment, as Serbia's Appeal Court is due to decide on whether to extend detention for Miskovic and his son, Marko.
The two were arrested on December 12 on suspicion of illegally earning more than 30 million euro from privatized road companies.
The website insists that Delta "has been working and still works for the benefit of Serbia".
It adds: "Never forgetting the neighborliness he learned growing up, for years Miskovic quietly responded to countless requests for help from community leaders and needy families."
In that context, Delta Foundation's activities with the disabled, children and sports are also presented on the website.
Miskovic is not the first Serbian businessman to have a promotional website lauding his attributes. Stanko Subotic, who was tried in absentia for cigarette smuggling in Serbia and was jailed for six years in 2011, also has one.

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