Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Im Terroristen Staat des Salih Berisha in 1997

Keine Neuigkeit, was Salih Berisha in 1997 trieb
SManalysis - vor 5 Stunden
The Secret orders of March '1997 (The Albanian Civil War)! [image: gazeta dita cover] Ther Newspaper "DITA", has discovered some secret orders for mass murder in '97-n signed by Head of SHIK Bashkim Gazidede, in March 2, 1997, the Secret order authorizing SHIK list to kill, in Vlora, Saranda, Argjirokaster ecct.. The Secret Order of March 9 for arming militants in Northern Albania, in Kukes, Has, Tropoje, Puke, Mirdita Shkodra Debar, Kurbin, Lezhë, and Burrel ... against the Southern Albania. Order aerial bombardment and the list of people to be executed ... Former top military Ko... mehr »
Alkat Riza, und kein Ende! Er hält 6 Wärter nun als Gefangene in Griechenland
SManalysis - vor 34 Minuten
Albanian prisoner seizes hostages in third Greek escape bid [image: Φωτογραφίες του Ριζάι με τους σωφρονιστικούς υπάλληλους που κρατάει ομήρους δημοσίευσαν τα αλβανικά ΜΜΕ] Reuters, 17/03 ATHENS (Reuters) – An Albanian murderer who has already used a helicopter to stage two prison breaks has seized hostages in a Greek jail and threatened to blow himself up with them if he is not allowed to escape, police said on Sunday. Alket Rijai, who is also a convicted robber, barricaded himself into part of the Malandrino jail in central Greece with around five guards late on Saturda... mehr »

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