Samstag, 9. März 2013

EU und USA, haben längst im Balkan die Glaubwürdigkeit verspielt

Allein mit dem Verbrecher Georg Soros und seiner Open Society überall nur Staaten zu destablisieren um dann Bestechungs Profite aus der Privatisierung zumachen, ist schon ein kriminelles Enterprise.
Jetzt hört der Nationlismus der Albaner wohl nie aus, hinter dem die Albanischen Politiker ihre kriminellen Aktivitäten verstecken.

June 3, 2008 – Soros’ destabilization of the Balkans: Creating a haven for drug trafficking
publication date: Jun 3, 2008
Soros’ political and economic interference results in growth of organized crime in Europe............. 
Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 20 Stunden
*EU concerns for Albania * [image: EU concerns for Albania] ** In Brussels, the EU and Albanian delegations started the fourth committee meetings for the Stabilization Association Agreement, which evaluates the integration progress made by our country. Top Channel has secured documents from outside the EU, in which other countries express their concerns about the January 21st concerns. *January 21st * “The EU delegation will underline the importance of the proper functioning and independence of key democratic institutions, such as the parliament and the judiciary. As regards the j... mehr »

Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 3 Stunden
Albanians in Serbia: We want the status as the Serbs in Kosovo PRESEVO - Today in Presevo held meeting of councilors Albanians from Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja. According to the information transmitted B92, Serbia's Albanians will apply the model of northern Kosovo, in Serbia, formed the Albanian municipal community. This request shall be made by 74 councilors of these three municipalities Albanians in the Presevo Valley. B92 Serbian Agency reports that the mayor of Presevo and chairman of Party of Albanians Ragmi Mustafa, did not want to show why will meet councilors. "We... mehr » 

Tunisia's dilemmas

Wim Roffel um Conflict and Compromise - vor 1 Tag
The article Tunisia's Post-Revolution Blues outlines the problematic state of Tunisia's revolution. The economy is bad. The writing of the constitution takes forever and the main political streams - Ennahda and the liberals - are at loggerheads and fear and distrust each other. 

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