Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Albanien ist nun entgültig Voll Mitglied der NATO

Warum nun so schnell Albanien das letzte Protokoll unterzeichnet wurde, nur weil die Regierung gewechselt wurde in Albanien ist schwer zuverstehen, wenn Albanien 70 % des BIP reine Geldwäsche ist, als Drogen Haupt Motor in Europa und einer vollkommen korrupten Adminstration und Nicht Funktion der Justiz. Die NATO eliminierte sich selber mit diesen ständigen Vernichtungs Kriegen gegen Zivilisten und der Zerstörung ganzer Gesellschaften. Die NATO braucht neue Opfer und neue Staaten, welche man korrumpieren kann. Die NATO Oberen, haben Nichts gelernt aus der Geschichte, das die ständige Expansion, Weltweite Kriege und Korrumpierung vieler STaaten, praktisch die NATO bereits ins Abseits geführt hat. Die NATO Banditen des Terrors und des Drogen Handel, brauchen neue Parnter in Mazedonien
Albanian authorities have signed the supplementary agreement of the Paris protocol, in the framework of the participation of Albania as a full NATO member.
The agreement was signed today in Brussels by the Albanian minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli. She’s holding a visit to the Alliance Command of Operations (ACO) in Mons, Belgium.
Kodheli has been received in an official meeting by the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces for Europe, general Philip Breedlove. During this meeting, minister Kodheli has briefed the senior NATO official with the latest developments within Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania. Mrs. Kodheli wanted to confirm the “unshaken resolve of Albania for the next engagement in Afghanistan”.
General Breedlove praised the participation and contribution of Albanian peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan and Kosovo.
The two personalities also talked about the latest developments in Ukraine.
The signing of the agreement
Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, general Philip Breedlove signed the supplementary agreement of the Paris protocol.
Kodheli said that by signing this agreement, Albania takes another step forward in the full integration in the NATO.
This was a process which started in 1992 and involved a lot of political, military and legal efforts. “We can take pride over this journey that we have embarked on along with friends and allies, if we look at what we have achieved so far. We faced many challenges, but we succeeded, because we had a strong will, sustainable engagement and full support of the Albanian people and Albanian politics and also a sincere support by the allies”, said minister Kodheli.
Under the supplementary Paris Protocol, Republic of Albania takes all necessary measures, including the approval and implementation of the necessary legislation to create all the necessary facilities for the Ally Staff to exert a normal activity. The Ally Staff has the same legal status of international organizations in Albania. If the Northern Atlantic Committee decides to establish a Staff in the future, the country in which it will be built must be selected through further talks between the pairs. /ibna/ - See more at:

Albania signs the supplementary agreement of the Paris protocol

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