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NATO Pyschopaten finanzierten NGO's in Montenegro, welche den NATO Anschluß fordern

5 Milliarden $ gaben lt. der Ober Faschistin der NeoCons, die USA für die Propaganda und dubiose NGO's in der Ukraine aus. In Montenegro fordern diese finanzierten Stiftungen, den NATO Beitritt von Montenegro. Eine Methode der oft kriminellen Politik der USA, Europa's von Deutschland, das diese Stiftungen von dem Steuerzahler finanziert, dann nur irgendwas verbreiten wie kleine Kinder, was die Geldgeber wünschen. Hinter dem System stecken die Drogen und Geldwäsche wie Betrugs Kartelle des Georg Soros und seiner "Open Society", welche über die Fortbildung Kriminelle selekiert und anheuert. Natürlich ist auch diese Quelle: setimes, eine offizielle NATO Website für den Balkan 

NGOs in Montenegro advocate NATO integration
Organisations are supporting programmes to improve citizens' knowledge and awareness of Euro-Atlantic accession.
By Ivana Jovanovic for Southeast European Times in Belgrade -- 30/04/14
photoHundreds of students have attended the Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp since it opened in 2008. [Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp]
In an effort to increase citizen support for NATO membership, NGOs in Montenegro are undertaking numerous projects that outline the benefits and importance of the country's Euro-Atlantic integration.
One project, the Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp, is sponsored by the Alpha Centre in Niksic.
The camp, which opened in 2008, annually gathers regional students, experts and officials to learn more about and discuss the importance of membership in NATO for Montenegro and other west Balkan countries.
"The main idea of [the camp] is to raise trust and support for NATO, as a defence and political organisation," Aleksandar Dedovic, executive director at the Alpha Centre, told SETimes.
"Many that attended are now representatives of state institutions, political parties and other organisations that have important social influence."
He added that the centre has been developing programmes for Montenegro's integration in NATO since its establishment in 2006.
"We are making an effort to simplify the NATO issue. We expect that our effort will have positive effects for the whole society," Dedovic said.
The Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, an NGO from Podgorica, works on promoting NATO by conducting research about Euro-Atlantic integration. The last study was done in December and showed 38 percent of citizens support NATO integration, an increase of 6 percent from March 2013.
Nenad Koprivica, executive director at the centre, said the NGO is also organising educational seminars for students to encourage critical thinking and raise awareness of the benefits of membership.
"The key task of the NGO, when it comes to NATO and EU integration, is to provide citizens with timely, valid and objective information, which gradually leads to a higher level of support for these processes," Koprivica told SETimes.
He said the NGO has a role to mediate between the state and citizens because their input helps to shape national and local politics, and to give legitimacy to European politics.
"Activities by NGOs related to European and Euro-Atlantic integration create a space for a constructive and comprehensive social dialogue that leads to a general social consensus on the issue of membership in these international organisations," Koprivica added.
Dedovic said NGOs have played an important role in many NATO and EU member countries during their accession.
"Usually, NGOs are dynamic, creative and close to citizens, and very often they are bridges between citizens and institutions," Dedovic told SETimes.
Stefan Pizurica, general secretary at the Euro-Atlantic Youth Association in Podgorica, said the main role of NGOs in the process of NATO accession is to provide citizens with unbiased information.

Auf Kosten des Steuerszahlers lässt sich gut leben! Die Friedrich Eberst Stiftung FES, welche Motor für die Drogen Netzwerke mit der Albaner Mafia ist Als die SPD-Grüne die Regierung übernahm, schoss der Albanische Drogen Handel, vor allem unter Ilir Meta, mit über 300 % in die Höhe beim Export nach Italien, was im Visa Skandal dokumentiert ist.

 Die SPD, ist und war Partner der Georg Soros Drogen Institute, wie u.a. die “Open Society”, mit Abkommen mit der DAAD, der Deutschen Auslands Bildung.

June 3, 2008 – Soros’ destabilization of the Balkans: Creating a haven for drug trafficking
publication date: Jun 3, 2008
Soros’ political and economic interference results in growth of organized crime in Europe………….
The CIA, Iran-Contra and the Narcotics Money Laundering Nexus By Global Research News, April 24, 2014

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