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Schwere Regen Fälle in Bosnien und Serbien

16 May 14
Bosnia Flooding Causes Landslides, Destroys Homes
Dozens of homes have been destroyed in landslides caused by the unseasonal deluge in Bosnia and Herzegovina while many roads remain blocked throughout the country.
Elvira M. Jukic
Sarajevo Landslides around Sarajevo and Tuzla caused by torrential rain have destroyed dozens of homes, while other towns remain flooded, leaving people in need of help with food and water.
Photo AP/ Amel Emric
Several persons were reported injured when a landslide near Sarajevo destroyed eight houses. Dozens of landslides have occurred in areas round the capital.

The situation is worst in Doboj, northern Bosnia, where the river Bosna has overflowed, leaving the town centre under water. Hundreds of locals remained trapped in their homes on Thursday night.

Civil protection crews heading to Maglaj, another badly afflicted town, were delayed on the road from Zenica after the roads became blocked.

Many roads leading from Zenica towards Doboj were blocked by flood water.

In Banja Luka, in the north-west, the river Vrbas also burst its banks on Thursday, blocking a number of roads in that part of the country.
Near Maglaj / Photo AP/ Amel Emric
In Bijeljina, in the north-east, the Drina also overflowed, flooding a number of towns and villages on the riverbanks.

Deluge in Serbia Threatens Town of Obrenovac
As the worst floods in over a century ravage parts of Serbia, claiming five lives so far, the situation in the town of Obrenovac remains especially critical.

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