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Die Österreichische Spiel Casino Mafia im Balkan

Als erstes Investment gab es Spiel Casino Automaten und Zweigstellen der Bordell Besitzer im Balkan vor über 20 Jahren. Inklusive Lotto entwickelten die Österreicher nur ein Verbrecher Imperium mit lokalen Mafia Bossen rund um Glücks Spiele.

Die Weltweit operiende Mafia NOVOMATIC Group im Spiel Casino und Geldwäsche Geschäft in Albanien

Nur Spiel Casinos, expandieren im Balkan - Police stage high stakes crackdown against illegal gambling

Arkan, Bojović Associate Murdered

Rade Rakonjac, Arkan's murdered former bodyguard  By Stevan Dojčinović , Bojana Jovanović
Rade Rakonjac, 52, the former bodyguard of Željko “Arkan” Ražnatović, was killed Wednesday at noon as he sat with two friends in a Belgrade cafe.
Two gunmen shot Rakonjac five times in the neck and chest, and he died en route to the Military Medical Academy hospital. With Rakonjac at the Marikicafe were Stojan Novaković, 58, who was wounded, and former BC Beograd and BC Partizan basketball player Goran Ristanović, 57.
According to eyewitness statements, the assailants fled in an Alfa Romeo. Fifteen minutes later, the car was set ablaze in the Voždovac neighborhood of Belgrade.
In addition to Arkan, Rakonjac had another important link in the underworld – he was close to the notorious Serbian criminal and former Zemun clan leader Luka Bojović.
Rakonjac and Bojović knew each other from the early 1990s, when both were members of Arkan's Serbian Volunteer Guard. Following Arkan’s murder in 2000, the two continued to collaborate.
In a police chart obtained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Center for Investigative Journalism in Serbia (CINS) Rakonjac is listed as an important collaborator in Bojović's group. According to the chart, Rakonjac was subordinate to Milos “Pižon” Petrović and Vladimir Mijanović, who both answered directly to Bojović. Mijanović was arrested alongside Bojović in February 2012 while having dinner at a restaurant in the Spanish city of Valencia.
In 2005, Bojović and Rakonjac were tried for beating Mirko Elezović in 2002 in the Belgrade Zoo and robbing him of €7,200 (US$ 9,800). Belgrade courts dismissed the charges.
According to the Special Prosecutor's Office, Bojović took over the Zemun clan after its leaders, Dušan Spasojević and Mile Luković, were killed in the 2003 police operation dubbed “Saber,” which was a response to the assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić.
Former Zemun clan leader Luka Bojović
Bojović is currently in jail in Spain, and Serbian prosecutors have accused him of organizing the murder of three local criminals.
Bojović’s former associate, Sretko Kalinić, testified that Bojović tried to kill Andrija Drašković as revenge for the murder of Arkan.
A few years ago, Bojović came into conflict with Slobodan Šaranović and his associates and there were killings on both sides. Prosecutors say Šaranović ordered the murder of Nikola Bojović, the brother of Luka Bojović, because he thought that Luka Bojović ordered the murder of his own brother, Branislav, a long-time powerful member of the Serbian underworld.
Šaranović was arrested in Montenegro for this murder, but released from custody after the Montenegrin court refused to extradite him to Serbia. Read more about it in the article “Montenegro: Court Bars Extradition In Murder Case.”
Serbian media have speculated that Rakonjac was a victim of these conflicts, but police have yet to report clear evidence of a connection.
View Luka Bojović’s profile, put together by the OCCRP and CINS for a more in-depth look.
Serbia: Crime Figure Linked to Trade Group

Mirjana Acimovic, the head of Jakta and associate of Andrija Drašković. (photo: facebook)
srflagBy Stevan Dojcinovic and Jelena Vasic (CINS)
The chairwoman of Serbia’s influential gambling trade association has been an employee and director for businesses owned by Serbian crime figure Andrija Draskovic for at least the past 17 years.
Jakta, the trade group, has been aggressively working with government officials to shape gaming laws, train law enforcement officials and regulators and lobby local, regional and European governments.  It has set itself up as not only a group of Serbian experts but a regional player in influencing everything related to casinos and gambling.
Mirjana Acimovic, 51, is president of the Belgrade-based Jakta (from the Latin word for “roll”, as in dice). She worked for Draskovic as far back as 1997, when he appointed her director of his company Fun d.o.o (later renamed DLM AT Holding Group) that owned two casinos and the popular downtown Havana nightclub, among others.
Draskovic is listed as the owner of Maestral Nautika d.o.o, an active trading company in Croatia, where Acimovic currently serves as director although the company has not filed any paperwork since 2008.
Acimovic said in an interview with reporters from the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) that she no longer works with Draskovic and sees no problem with the relationship.  She has had coffee with him once in 15 months, she said.
Austrian headquarters of Novomatic, one of Europe’s biggest gaming companies. Its Serbian branches are members of Jakta.
“My relationship back then with him was just professional. The man was in prison until recently and we saw each other once after he got out,” she said. “That was a private meeting and that’s irrelevant.”
Serbian authorities who worked with Jakta were asked if they were aware of the connection between Acimovic and Draskovic but none would answer specific questions.
According to the Jakta website, the organization represents 38 companies that own slot clubs, produce gambling machines or maintain them. The association is involved in writing laws with the Tax Administration, lobbying state institutions for favorable laws, helping companies get gaming permits and helping gambling addicts get treatment................

According to documents OCCRP/CINS obtained from the Ministry of Labor, Jakta’s membership has included Fil-Sar and Lutrija Filnik, companies controlled respectively by Montenegrin crime boss Brano Saranovic before his death in 2009 and his brother, Slobodan, who was arrested last year in connection with a murder of Luka Bojovic’s brother.

Trying to climb the ladder in Europe
Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture, helped Jakta by passing the organization’s recommendations on to other ministries.
Acimovic has also been appointed chairwoman of the Responsible Gaming Committee in Euromat, the European Gaming and Amusement Federation that represents the industry at the EU level.

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