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Bestechungsgelder ohne Ende, bezahlte die Telekom an Mazedonische Politiker wie Ali Ahmeti

Bogoevski dëshmon: 5 milionë euro nga “Magjar telekom”, i kanë marrë Ali Ahmeti e Musa Xhaferri  

Griechenland, OTE - Telekom, Siemens und keine Ende des Bestechungs Sumpfes

erhielt über 5 Millionen € Bestechungs Geld Ali Ahmeti, von der Telekom Ungarn, Tochter der Deutschen Telekom
 Former government officials suspected of a corruption affair in FYROM

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BogoevskiSkopje, 7 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency
By Naser Pajaziti
The “Magyar Telecom” corruption affair has erupted in FYROM. This is a Hungarian company, part of Deutsche Telecom, which possesses the majority of shares in the Macedonian Telecom.
Part of this affair, which dates back in 2005, are three former directors of “Magyar Telecom”, but also the former social democrat Prime Minister, Vlado Buckovski along with three officials of the Albanian party, BDI (Democratic Union for Integration), which was part of the coalition with the Macedonian Social Democratic Union (SDSM) at that time.
The evidence for this was given by Slobodan Bogoevski, one of the former heads of secret services in FYROM, who was in office since the independence of the country. His testimony was made public by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington.
Bogoevski has declared that he was a middle man in an illicit affair between Magyar Telecom and the government of FYROM.
Bogoevski has testified in front of SEC in Washington, which has launched an inquiry into Magyar Telecom, as this company trades in American stock markets.
According to Bogoevski, the two parties of that coalition, SDSM and BDI have benefited 7,5 million Euros from Magyar Telecom, through contracts improvised for consultancy and other services.
The money was paid for the government not to allow competition and the entry of other mobile phone operators, although a law was passed for the liberalization of the mobile communication market.
Bogoevski said that the money were given to former PM Buckovski and the rest has been given to the Albanian party BDI in Tetovo. The names of the leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti and current deputy PM, Musa Xhaferri were also mentioned in this testimony.
Former PM, Vlado Buckovski has reacted after this testimony.
“Bogoevski has given inaccurate information and has made tendentious claims”, Buckovski said, admitting that on 7 September 2014 he was invited in Washington to testify in front of SEC on the Magyar Telecom affair.
BDI has also reacted on this affair. The Albanian party has rejected these claims by former agent Bogoevski. “This is tendentious defamation. Our lawyers will launch procedures against these accusations”, BDI said.
Bogoevski said that he takes full criminal responsibility over his testimony and according to him, the initiator of this illicit affair was the Greek businessman, Dimitris Kondominas.
This case includes a wide network of witnesses from FYROM, Hungary, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, etc. /ibna/
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Former Macedonian Secret Agent accuses Albanian BDI politicians
telekom skopje
07/09/2015 16:55
Former Macedonian Secret Agent accuses Albanian BDI politicians
The Court of New York is reviewing the case against the directors of “Magyar Telekom”, and they have published the testimony of the former Chief of Macedonian Secret Police, Slobodan Mogoevski, who accused formrer Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski and the Albanian BDI leaders of receiving a 7.5 million EUR bribe from the Greek businessman, Dimitris Kondominas, in order to guarantee a monopoly to Telekom Macedonia.
The former Macedonian agent says the Albanian government partners have conditioned the signing of the protocol with the payment of 2.5 million EUR. He says the bribe was given in cash to the Albanian officials in the city of Tetovo, at the house of the former Chief of Finances of the BDI, Abdilhalim Kasami.
The BDI says the declarations of the former Macedonian Secret Agent are untrue, part of a campaign of slander against their party before the early elections of the next year.

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