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Von DEMENZ getrieben erscheint US Senator Eliot Engel, bei seinen Partnern der Albanischen Mafia

  1. Der US Politiker Gary Peter, liess sich wie andere US Politiker wie Senator Eliot Engel von der Albaner Mafia schmieren Enorme Summen bezahlt die US-Albanische Mafia für Politiker-Foto inklusive bei Obama. 

Die Internationalen Terror und Drogen Netze, der Bajraktari und Bytyqi Brueder, im Auftrage des Salih Berisha Mafia und Krasniqi Clan / Brooklyn

Hier die FBI Warnung aus 2003
An FBI statement before a US Senate Committee in October assessed the organised crime situation in the Balkans.
By Dimitris Agrafiotis for Southeast European Times in Athens – 21/11/03
Organised crime in the Balkans has attracted the interest of the American law enforcement community and the US Senate. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes that crime from the Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe, and the former Soviet Union is expanding and will continue to expand.
“In the last year or two, European nations have recognised that Balkan organised crime is one of the greatest criminal threats that they face,” Assistant Director of the FBI Criminal Investigative Division Grant D. Ashley said in an October statement before the Subcommittee on European Affairs of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
He added that European police organisations estimate that Balkan crime rings now control more than 70 per cent of the heroin market in some of the larger European nations, and are rapidly taking over human smuggling, prostitution and car theft rings across Europe.
………, Albanian organised crime has reached the United States, creating partnerships with the Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese families to facilitate specific crimes.……………….


  1.  Das US-Albanische Gangster Syndikat von Eliot Engel und Kollegen.
  2.  Deutlich sichtbar: Schlaganfälle ohne Ende, hat "Gottes Rache" zugeschlagen, wie bei Richard Holbrook, Dick Cheney usw. Sogar ein Haus in Brooklyn, - New York erhielt Eliot Engel geschenckt, was ohne Baugenehmigung gebaut wurde, Gross Drogen Schmuggler mit Fake Chrom Bergwerken in Tropoje, wie Sahi Muja, finanzieren die Gestalt. US Politiker sind in der Regel wie die Deutschen Comedy Gestalten: vollkommen korrupt und inkompetend. City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel’s illegal apartment building
Sunday, July 17th 2011, 4:00 AM
2003: Idiot Mafia Boss: ENGEL, US HOUSE MEMBERS URGE U.N. TO RESUME KOSOVA PRIVATIZATION Urgestein des Betruges: World Gangster Group from CIA Frank Wisner! Frank G. Wisner, Jr., and Richard C. Holbrooke, were both board members of the American International Group (AIG). AGI is a US corporation that provides insurance and financial services and products in 130 countries. AGI common stock is listed in the US on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as on the stock exchanges in Paris, Tokyo, London, and Switzerland. This demonstrates the constantly changing or revolving roles that Wisner assumes in government, diplomacy, and business, intertwining and enmeshing corporate, political, and diplomatic functions, “the revolving door”. It is more like a symbiotic relationship between all three sectors. AIG, like Enron, was involved in a corruption and fraud scandal itself, but Wisner escaped unscathed. In September, 2003, the US Securities and Exchange Commission imposed one of the largest penalties in its history, $10 million, against AIG. n Durres US Mafia: Car plate Typische Mafia Limousine der US Mafia Nr. 1 in Albanien, dem Gambino Clan (der Luchese und Genovese Clan ist in Albanien und im Balkan auch gut vertreten, als neue “Cosa Nostra) Typisches Phantasie Auto Nr. Schild. Man kann sie sehr oft an bestimmten Stellen im Raum Durres und Tirana sehen. Das Verbrechen hat System, hier mit Bujar Nishani, aber es gibt Fotos mit Fatmir Mediu, Salih Berisha, Ferdinand Yhafferie. Wie Steinmeier, Angela Merkel, Joschka Fischer Beruf: Taxischein Besitzer, folgen Alle den Verbrechen der Amerikaner Weltweit
USA flute in syria

Naked emperor behind refugee crisis

By Old Wolf Editor’s Introduction A Swedish journalist with nome de guerre ‘Old Wolf’ runs the site [Swedish] “The wind is whispering my name”. [1] Poetry ends with the title, thou. Sharp and forthright analyses – on themes of the kind we often take up in these columns – compete with each other in Old…

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