Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Kriminellen Treffen in Mazedonien: Zoran Zaev, Oliver Spasovski, Halil Ljuri, Samiaj Remzi - Mija, Vilja Burim, Shiti Nusret, Shiti Emin

 After Macedonia, Hungary announces Crackdown on All George Soros Funded "NGOs"

SDSM, US Embassy Officials meet with Kosovo Islamic Radicals at Alexandar Palace
Thursday, 19 January 2017 

After numerous meetups between SDSM's leader Zoran Zaev and the islamic radicals from BESA at their headquarters, followed by a meeting between Oliver Spasovski and the criminal underground in Aracinovo, this afternoon a secret meeting took place at luxury hotel Alexandar Palace. 
There is no information what is being discussed, however Skopje media has reported that numerous US Embassy officials, SDSM representatives and 'guests' from Kosovo were spotted at the meeting.

Over the past three weeks, SDSM official Muhamed Zekiri was spotted in meetings at the Macedonian-Kosovo border with islamic radicals,. members of terrorist wahabi organizations and drug traffickers from Kosovo (Halil Ljuri, Samiaj Remzi - Mija, Vilja Burim, Shiti Nusret, Shiti Emin).
Prior to this Zoran Zaev met with former UCK general and current high ranking defense official Kadri Kastrati, the same individual who the SDSM leadership repeatedly sold wiretapped conversations of Macedonian political figures and businessmen done through Zakir Bekiri - Chaush who is currently serving time for creating 50,000 fake IDs given to Kosovars to vote in Macedonian elections.
There has been panic among the albanians in the Balkans, many believe Trump would not be as supportive to their destabilizing activities and drug trafficking business as the Obama/Biden administration has been. 

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