Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019

Die EBRD Mafia, will die Zerstörung des Balkans, der National Parks stoppen, durch Wasserkraftwerke

Ab Januar 2020, will die korrupte EBRD Mafia, die Zerstörung von National Parks, des Balkan stoppen, weil Alles gefälscht ist. Die KfW finanziert ebenso mit gefälschten Umwelt Gutachten, jeden Verbrecher, der im Wild West Stile, die National Parks im Balkan zerstört.
EBRD to Stop Financing HPPs in Protected Areas
The changes in the EBRD’s policies have been hailed by environmental organizations, in particular by those opposing the trend of hydropower plants construction in the Balkans. Since 2005, more than 2,200 HPPs were planned to be built throughout the region, including protected areas. Some of the projects have been financed by international financial institutions such as the EBRD, European Bank of Investment (EIB) and World Bank (WB).
According to a study conducted by BankWatch Network, these international banks have supported at least 37 HPPs in protected areas, with loans amounting to a total of € 727 million.

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