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Von der NATO, US, EU ruiniert und korrumpiert: Moldawien, inklusive ueberall Kinder-, Drogen Handel und Betrug

NATO concerned over political crisis in Moldova, EU calls for dialogue

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NATO reaffirmed in a statement its continuing support to the Republic of Moldova in the reform of its defense and security institutions, after expressing its concerns on the political crisis. “We call on all political forces in the country to exercise calm and restraint, and to resolve their differences through dialogue, in full respect of

Eurojust breaks human trafficking ring

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Eurojust, the EU’s independent agency dealing with cross-border organised crime, recently released information regarding the success of both Italian and Romanian national authorities in the take down of an organized crime group involved in the trafficking of human beings for the purpose of enslavement and sexual exploitation. The operation took eight suspects into custody and

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Mogherini meets with Albania’s Acting Foreign Minister

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EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini met on 07 June in Brussels with Gent Cakaj, Acting Foreign Minister of Albania, and congratulated him for the renewed recommendation of the Commission to the Council to open accession negotiations with Albania. She praised Albania’s fight against corruption and organised crime and reaffirmed her support for the country’s

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