Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Agim Ceku in Kolumbien verhaftet, als er die Drogen Kartelle koordinieren wollte

Wie heute Abend Albanische Medien melden, hat man Agim Ceku im Drogen Paradies Kolumbien verhaftet.



Mediat kosovare, të cilat iu referohen burimeve diplomatike, bëjnë të ditur se ish-kryeministri i Kosovës dhe kryetari i PSD, Agim Ceku mund të arrestohet nga policia kolumbiane në Kartagjenë. Sipas burimeve, arrestimi do të bëhet në bazë të një urdhër-arresti të lëshuar nga Beogradi, lidhur me luftën e vitit 1999. Ndërkohë, burime pranë PSD-së kanë mohuar lajmin duke deklaruar se Çeku nuk do të ndalohet nga policia, pavarësisht presioneve që Serbia po i bën Kolumbisë për ta arrestuar atë.


  1. Agim Ceku hat Kolumbien verlassen! Was er da wohl machte? Drogen Geschäfte organisieren das war das Thema

    Ex-Kosovo leader leaves Colombia after expulsion

    Thursday, May 7, 2009 10:19 AM

    PRISTINA (Reuters) - Former Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku said on Thursday he had left Colombia following an expulsion order from the local security agency as he is wanted in Serbia on war crimes charges.

    "The Colombian authorities received a request from Serbia asking to arrest me and extradite me to Serbia," Ceku told Reuters by telephone from France.

  2. "Kouchner swung Ceku deportation"
    8 May 2009 | 09:16 -> 12:08 | Source: Beta, Danas, Tanjug
    BELGRADE, BOGOTA, PRIŠTINA -- Former Kosovo PM Agim Ceku was able to evade the Serbian judicial authorities with the assistance of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, says daily Danas.

    Agim Ceku (FoNet, archive)
    Agim Ceku (FoNet, archive)

    According to the daily, yesterday’s decision by Colombia to deport Ceku to France was political in nature, and a key role in the talks with the Colombian authorities was played by none other than Kouchner.

    Interpol Colombia informed Serbia yesterday that Ceku had been located in the country on a red Interpol warrant issued by Serbia.

    Having received notification from Colombian Interpol, the paper understands, Serbia pulled out all the stops to have him arrested.

    On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, the Serbian Justice Ministry submitted an extradition application for the former Kosovo Liberation Army commander to the Colombian judicial authorities. Soon after, it emerged that Ceku had been deported to France.

    According to unconfirmed reports, upon hearing of the deportation, the Serbian Justice Ministry submitted an extradition request for Ceku to France, via the Serbian Embassy in Paris, together with complete documentation linked to the charges against Ceku in Serbia.

    French Interpol yesterday informed their Serbian counterparts that the reason why no arrest had been made was that he was not being sought by the French judicial authorities.

    Ceku expelled from Colombia