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NATO Sprecher und UN Militär Beobachter C.N.N. Branco: War Srebrenica a Hoax? oder eine false flag operation der NATO?

NATO spokesperson Brig. Gen. Carlos Manuel Martins Branco of Portugal speaks during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan Sunday May 25, 2008. A NATO spokesman said that there has been an increase in militant activity despite recent peace agreements between Pakistan's new government and militants in the lawless tribal areas.
Dabei ist aber die Erklärung vom damaligen UN Militär Beobachter Branco besonders bemerkenswert. ebenso von General Lewis Mackenzie, der Allbright eine Teufelin nennt in Interview und auf die Verbrechen dieser dubiosen Kriminellen hinweist. Allbright ist ein Produkt von dem Welt Verbrecher und Auftrags Mörder Henry Kissinger.

Was Srebrenica a Hoax? Eye-Witness Account of a Former United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia

by Carlos Martins Branco

Global Research, July 24, 2005
First published by, 20 April 2004

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This detailed account first published in 1998 by former UN Military Observer Carlos Martino Branco casts serious doubt on the decision of The Appeals Chamber of the Hague Tribunal (ICTY) that "genocide was committed in Srebrenica in 1995."

"…Bosnia Serb forces carried out genocide against the Bosnian Muslims (…) .Those who devise and implement genocide seek to deprive humanity of the manifold richness its nationalities, races, ethnicities and religions provide. This is a crime against all humankind, its harm being felt not only by the group targeted for destruction, but by all of humanity."

Under these premises, Radislav Krstic was found "guilty of aiding and abetting genocide" and sentenced to 35 years imprisonment.

For details on the 14 April 2004 judgment, see the ICTY Press release (!9 April 2004) at:

Michel Chossudovsky, 20 April 2004

Ich will das später mal etwas ergänzen, mit den Holländischen Unterlagen, denn auch dort gibt es einen guten Beitrag von Elssässer auf der Basis einen Holländischen Militär Beobachter.

Srebrenica Propaganda Challenged by Independent Research

Global Research, July 28, 2005
Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, July 2005

Remember Srebrenica — a.k.a. ‘So what if we globalized Al Qaeda!’

by Julia Gorin

Global Research, July 14, 2005

siehe auch der Kanadische General Lewis Mackenzie

siehe false flag operation der NATO von dem Militär Wissenschaftler aus der Schweiz: Dr. Daniel Ganser!

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