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Der Islamische Kosovo Terrorist Bajram Asllani, wurde in den USA verhaftet

June 17, 2010 U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
(202) 514-2007/TDD (202) 514-1888

Kosovar National Charged with Terrorism Violations

RALEIGH, NC—Bajram Asllani, 29, a resident of Mitrovica, Kosovo, has been charged in a criminal complaint with providing material support to terrorists and conspiring to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure persons abroad, David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security; George E.B. Holding, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina; Owen D. Harris, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Charlotte Field Division; and Robin Pendergraft, Director of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, announced today.

Asllani, also known as “Bajram Aslani,” or “Ebu Hatab,” was arrested earlier today by authorities in Kosovo in connection with a U.S. provisional arrest warrant issued in the Eastern District of North Carolina. The United States intends to seek his extradition from Kosovo to stand trial in Raleigh. In accordance with the extradition agreement between the United States and Kosovo, Asllani faces a potential maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted.

Last July, eight defendants were indicted in the Eastern District of North of Carolina on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad; and other violations. Those charged were Daniel Patrick Boyd, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina; Hysen Sherifi, a native of Kosovo and a U.S. legal permanent resident in North Carolina; Anes Subasic, a naturalized U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina; Zakariya Boyd, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina; Dylan Boyd, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina; Jude Kenan Mohammad, a U.S. citizen; Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina; and Ziyad Yaghi, a U.S. citizen and resident of North Carolina.

A superseding indictment returned on Sept. 24, 2009, added new charges against Daniel Patrick Boyd, Hysen Sherifi and Zakariya Boyd, alleging, among other things, that Daniel Boyd and Sherifi conspired to murder U.S. military personnel as part of a plot to attack troops at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. These three defendants were also charged with possession of weapons in furtherance of a crime of violence and Daniel Boyd was further charged with providing a firearm to a convicted felon.

An April 19, 2010, criminal complaint unsealed today alleges that Asllani was a member of the conspiracy involving the defendants listed above. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Asllani has had repeated communications with the conspirators; solicited money from the conspirators to establish a base of operations in Kosovo for the purpose of waging violent jihad; tasked the conspirators with completing work to further these objectives and accepted funds from the conspirators to help him travel.

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  1. Wenn der US Botschafter Dell, ueber Albanische Terroristen schwafelt, wird es peinlich.

    19 Qershor 2010 - 11:16 | Kosova

    Ambasadori i SHBA Dell:Terrorizmi kërcënim për të gjithë
    Ambasadori i SHBA Dell:Terrorizmi kërcënim për të gjithëPRISHTINE-Në një ceremoni të ndarjes së një ndihme prej rreth 350 mijë dollarësh për policinë e Kosovës, Ambasadori amerikan në Kosovë, Kristofer Dell, tha se terrorizmi ndërkombëtarë është kërcënim për të gjithë, por shfaqi bindjen se autoritetet në Kosovë do të vazhdojnë mbështetjen e tyre në luftën kundër veprimtarive terroriste.

    “Nga vetë përcaktimi, terrorizmi ndërkombëtar nuk respekton kufij,