Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

Der Politische Betrug der Politik Abzocker fuer einen Multi Kulti Kosovo

Was sowieso jeder weiss, sind alle Bemuehungen der Deutschen Dumm Abzocker mit Deutschen Partei Buch inklusive der FDP, fuer einen Multi Kulturellen Kosovo schon seit Jahren gescheitert. Man entsendet Partei Buch Gaenger, welche zu dumm sind, fuer Arbeit in Deutschland und ohne Beruf, wie den Taxi Fahrer Joschka Fischer (ohne Haupt Schul Abschluss) um irgendwelche dubiosen Theorien im Kosovo und im Ausland umzusetzen. Der Kosovo ist im Deutschen udn US Betrugs Sumpf, der Lobbyisten und korrupter Deutscher Politiker laengst untergegangen, wobei der Aufbau der Multi Ethnischen Gesellschaft, nur ein Luegen Gebaeuder, der Rot-Gruenen Politiker war.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kosovo and The Myth of Multi-Ethnic Democracy

As I noted a few months ago, tongues will wag while waiting on the ICJ. While there has been some overall drift in the rhetoric – everyone seems to be suggesting now that the Court decision will open an opportunity for further talks – obfuscation and silliness continue, especially from the pro-Pristina side. The Kosovo government remains most agile, now maintaining – through its Interior Minister – that it is against partition and that the local structures in north Kosovo are illegal but also that the Ahtisaari plan will provide a better form of local self-government for the Serbs. The British Ambassador to Belgrade continues to rail at straw men, repeating that can be no negotiations because no one can believe that Kosovo could return to Serbian control. (Who is asking that it should? Not Belgrade.) Rather, he says, Serbia must find a way to deal with the “fact” that “22 EU member-states” have recognized Kosovo. He also maintains that “nobody” sees partition as a good solution. Meanwhile, EU/ICO chief Pieter Feith continues to speak for humanity on Kosovo. He has now declared that the questions of status “will not be opened for discussions again” and that partition “is not an option.” He suggests too that “certain red lines … should be kept in mind” and Serbian “parallel institutions” in Kosovo are “unsustainable” and “represent an obstacle in … arrival at the final destination, and that is Brussels.”

If one were to give any benefit of doubt at all to the continued Quint insistence that the question of Kosovo’s status is closed, we must consider the only argument that might make this credible, that Kosovo can become a truly multi-ethnic democracy. Interior Minister Rexhepi, a quick learner, refers to this argument – long touted by the Quint itself – that Serb agreement to be integrated into independent Kosovo under the Ahtisaari Plan will make Kosovo into such a model. This would, so the line goes, be not only good for the Serbs but also for the whole Balkans as it would avoid partition and thus setting a bad example for places like Bosnia (which Rexhepi explicitly refers to). The problems with this are two: Kosovo itself is an ethnic partition as well as over 90% of the populations is Albanian at this point. And the existence of a truly multi-ethnic democracy is a largely a myth.
Perhaps if one looks at Iraq, one can also add a third category of where enough U.S. troops remain to enforce cohabitation (in this case between Arabs and Kurds.) And I’ve left Belgium for last. It is a functioning, modern multi-national democracy with two large national groups – the Flemish and Walloons – co-habiting in the heart of Europe. But of course, at this moment, it would be quite optimistic to use this as an example of how such arrangements can be sustainable.

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