Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Kosovo Politiker offerieren den Serben einen Autonomie Status für den Nord-Kosovo

Nachdem Hashim Thaci aus Washington zurück gekommen ist, und der ICG Gerichtshof, in keinerlei Weise, die Abtrennung von Serbien akzeptiert hat, nach Internationalen Recht. versucht Hashim Thaci, auf diesem Wege nun eine Lösung zu finden.

Innerhalb des Grenzen des Kosovo, aber eine Autonomie ist nun also schon mal angeboten worden und das Gespräche notwendig seien. 

Neue Worte! Wir ergänzen das Thema, sobald auch die Albaner Presse, die Sache aufgenommen hat.

"K. Albanians to offer autonomy to north"
28 July 2010 | 09:51 | Source: Blic
BELGRADE -- Kosovo Albanian PM Hashim Thaci’s advisor Dukadjin Gorani said that they were "ready to offer a special status to Serbs in the north".


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kosovo: A Possible Deal on the North

Diplomacy often takes place behind "smoke and mirrors" meant to hide – until the time is right – that people are talking to each other about things they'd rather deny they were talking about. This may be accompanied by “trial balloons” – statements about possibilities that test the waters but also allow denial – verbal feints, and even lies and intentional misdirection. But usually, where there is smoke, there is fire. This may well be true about the current flap about whether there is or is not the possibility of negotiations on some form of special status for northern Kosovo.

The American's tough talk about terrorism from the north, and apparent support for Pristina's supposed efforts to impose its rule there, may have been part of the “smoke” covering something more interesting. They have apparently prevailed upon the Kosovo government to postpone its forced takeover of the northern KPS. This would have incited violence and might have foreclosed any opportunity for negotiations. Negotiations about what? As the US Ambassador reportedly suggested, about a settlement for the north offering it the “special nature of a region within a sovereign state” of Kosovo. The Ambassador suggested Prime Minister Thaci might share such a view. There have been denials and questions in Pristina but the balloon has been launched.

The possibility of some Ahtisaari-Plus status for the north is not a new idea. Nor is the possibility that it might be framed politically by some agreement to disagree on Kosovo status. (Each side could claim sovereignty of the whole of Kosovo while the north would be part of both perhaps on the Brcko model.) The devil would be in the details as the northern Serbs are unlikely to trust any practical arrangements for local government or linkages to Serbia that would be under Pristina's control.

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