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Gegen den Ex-General Staatsanwalt in Bulgarien: Nikola Filchev, wird nun wegen Mord am Staatsanwalt Nikolaj Kolev ermittelt

Toll ! Ein Ex-General Staatsanwalt liess Staatsanwälte und Anwälte ermorden, in der Gerhard Schröder Geschäftszeit. Gut das die Deutschen Super Experten in Bulgarien auch die Justiz aufbauen wollten mit diesen Leuten und den korrupten Zoll - und Polizei Apparat. Die absoluten Super Geschäfte, wie in Albanien und dem Kosovo: Immer nur mit Kriminellen.

Former Bulgarian chief prosecutor implicated in murders


SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said on Tuesday (November 16th) that former Bulgarian chief prosecutor Nikola Filchev may be linked to two murders committed in 2000 and 2002. Tsvetanov said that an investigation is under way into the killings of prosecutor Nikolai Kolev and lawyer Nadezhda Georgiev. The latter was killed in her Sofia home in February 2000. Witnesses claim she received $150,000 to give to Filchev as a bribe to make him terminate an investigation against a state-owned company. When she failed to hand it over, however, he allegedly plunged a kitchen cleaver into her head.

Kolev, a high ranking prosecutor who served as deputy chief prosecutor of the country between 1994 and 1997, was shot dead outside his home in December 2002. He had publically stated his opinion that Filchev suffered from a psychiatric disorder, committed crimes and ordered criminal proceedings based on fabricated charges against people he found inconvenient. Filchev, a controversial figure for years, has left public service. (Sega - 17/11/10; Novinite, Darik - 16/11/10)

Bulgarian Interior Minister says former prosecutor general may be involved in murder
Wed, Nov 17 2010 10:46 CET

A 2006 archive photo of Nikola Filchev, left, with Boris Velchev, who is Bulgaria's current Prosecutor-General.

The National Assembly has rejected a proposal made by members of the Order, Law and Justice party (OLJ) and the Coalition for Bulgaria, that Interior Minister Tsvetanov should explain before Parliament his earlier comments that former prosecutor general Nikola Filchev was possibly involved in the murder of prosecutor Nikolai Kolev and Yambol lawyer Nadezhda Georgieva, Bulgarian media reported on November 17 2010.


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