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Cables, bestätigten Geheim Gespräche zwischen Tadic und Hashim Thaci

Was man munkelte, wurde nun bestätigt. Man traf sich im Ausland, damit es nicht jeder mitbekommt, denn nur so kann es Fortschritt geben, bei der Lösung auch der technischen Probleme.

Wikileaks: Tadic-Thaci, secret meetings
07/09/2011 20:00

Wikileaks: Tadic-Thaci, secret meetings
At least two cables sent to the US State Department say that Kosovo Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, has had meetings with the Serbian President, Boris Tadic.

Besides the political background activities revealed by Wikileaks in dozens of published cables, there are two of them that have been sent to the US Embassy in Athens and the US Mission at the UN.

They quote President Tadic of having mentioned his meetings with Thaci.

One cable of the US Embassy in Athens, sent on 2006, quotes Tadic of having said that he has met Thaci before the meeting with the Socialist International, and that both of them had agreed that the direct contacts with Belgrade and Kosovo Albanians would be fruitful.

The cables of the US Mission in the UN, sent on January 2008, say that Tadic has declared in New York that he had met Hashim Thaci and that he would meet him again, in the efforts for finding a new compromise for the Kosovo status, while complaining that the promises for independence had made Albanians uncooperative.

As for the cables for the lobbing against Kosovo’s independence recognition, the language of the Serbian diplomacy has other notes.

One cable of 2010 shows the visit of the Serbian Foreign Minister in Austria, Vuk Jeremic, asking a solution for saving Serbia’s image, while he is warned by the Austrian Foreign Minister that another conflict with Kosovo would damage Serbia’s EU aspirations.

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