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Kosovo: KFOR, EULEX and Pristina - Acting with Impunity

Eulex in Kosovo: a shining symbol of incompetence
The costly EU mission in Kosovo has betrayed its mandate – it must be audited and reformed

Andrea Capussela, Saturday 9 April 2011 12.00 BST
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Eulex, seized by panic over its obligation to act on these allegations, at first said that it knew nothing of them, and challenged Marty to show his evidence. Only when pressed hard by Marty, Brussels and the foreign media did Eulex announce an investigation into the matter.

However, when asked whether Thaci (named 26 times in the report) was being investigated, Eulex officials immediately backtracked by saying that no "formal" investigation had been opened. These confused statements were used by Thaci to pronounce himself innocent and to decry the fecklessness of the EU mission: with sublime, if perhaps unintended, irony he repeatedly resisted proposals to transfer the investigation from Eulex to an ad hoc international body.

Eulex has become a symbol of incompetence, not of European values, and a costly veil that hides the shenanigans of the elite from the eyes of Kosovo's citizens.

No "Freedom Fighters", Just Criminals and Thugs

On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia -- an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media.

The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic "struggle for freedom and independence" and disingenuous references to the "self-determination" of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania.

No, it has nothing to do with "freedom", "independence" or "self-determination", it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed.
Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.

Excerpt from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime report for March 2008

[pg 52] According to an Interpol statement made before the U.S. Congress in 2000:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kosovo and the German Constitution

As President Koehler experienced a year ago the German Constitution as explained by the German Federal Constitutional Court is against sending German soldiers on attack missions outside NATO territory.

A siege definitely is a form of attack and the behavior of the German Army in Northern Kosovo has a lot of a siege. So it would be interesting to see what would happen when someone went to this Court with a complaint over the behavior of the German Army in Kosovo.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kosovo: KFOR, EULEX and Pristina - Acting with Impunity

KFOR is trying to close alternative crossing points in north Kosovo to keep the locals Serbs isolated from Serbia proper. As fast as they string barbed wire across one, the Serbs open another. One could see this as an episode of the Keystone Kops were it not so flagrantly illegal and beyond NATO's UN mandate. That NATO has acted without restraint to support the imposition of Pristina authority in the north is clear. And there is no one apparently to hold it to account. Impunity.

EULEX says Kosovo is one customs zone and they award the game to Pristina. It and KFOR dutifully transport Pristina's police and customs officials to the Gates. EULEX is clearly taking sides and not acting in a neutral fashion as required by the November 2008 agreement with the UN. But it seems accountable to no one. Impunity.

The Kosovo government arrests 13 Serbian truck drivers contracted by Trepca North for export of its product. The drivers come from Serbia proper and are arrested at the customs office in south Mitrovica. They were presumably there to comply with Kosovo regulations. Yet Pristina orders their arrest for illegally entering the still disputed Kosovo "state." The 13 reportedly could face three years in prison. Belgrade appeals to EULEX to intervene but EULEX - wrongly - claims it is in Kosovo only to monitor the police. (Under the 2008 agreement with the UN, it took over UNMIK's executive authority for rule of law.)  So neither Pristina nor EULEX have any responsibility to correct this clear violation of the truckers' human rights. Impunity.

The Quint has power enough to guarantee such impunity. But it sets an example that will haunt the "Western powers" in the future. And it still may do nothing more than provoke further conflict.
UN - NATO Contributed to the Establishment of a Mafia-State in Kosovo ( 1 2)

UN Report March 2008: Albanian Organized Crime the Biggest Threat 

U.S. Recognition Of An Al-Qaeda Infiltrated Kosovo Is Indefensible

  Guardian: Eulex in Kosovo: a shining symbol of incompetence

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