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Albanien: Absetz Bewegung von der dümmsten und kriminellsten Regierung der Welt

Die Ratte setzt sich vom kriminellen Psychopaten Salih Berisha ab, wo Nichts mehr im Lande funktioniert und was ebenso die dümmste Polizei der Welt geschaffen hat. Jeder Kriminelle und oft ohne Schul Abschluss, konnte sich wieder Polizei Direktoren erkaufen und ebenso Ausländer, Einheimische, und Investoren terrorisieren. Es gibt ein DW Interview gestern ebenso!

Wenn es gelingt, ist es eine gute Aktion des Deutschen CDU Politikers: Philipp Missfelder

Ilir Meta warns dissent with Berisha, skeptical of the future of the coalition

b_95_75_16777215_0___images_Politika_berisha-meta.gif The DP-SMI coalition, christened as the coalition of integration, seems to have come to an end. The chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration Ilir Meta warned the dissent with the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha and a possible move away from the governing coalition. Putting the blame on Berisha as the main responsible for the triple failure at the candidate status, Meta seemed skeptical as regards a possible agreement with DP at the next 2013 general elections. Apparently, once he was acquitted, Meta is seeking a bargain with the opposition to put an end to the coalition with Berisha.
Forecasting a probable awkward defeat of the DP at the 2013 elections, Meta is looking forward to a coalition with the SP, as the only way to survive in the political theater. Indeed, in order to make the alienation with Berisha most convincing, Meta did not even accept to be part of the governing cabinet. Another signal confirming the estrangement Meta issued yesterday in an interview where he said he had not decided whether he would stay at the coalition with Berisha to race at the 2013 elections. “Now we have to focus on meeting the priorities and recommendations of the European Commission, and it is also a task of the SMI. If we focused on the 2013 elections, many of the reforms would be dragged and even compromised. It is necessary that certain steps are made on the election, justice reform and other problems who have marked no progress”, Meta emphasized.
Meanwhile, the SMI chairman stated that returning as a government member was not his priority.’ My commitment is the membership into the European Integration Commission in the Parliament. This is an index of SMIs chief priority and mine personally. I think that my engagement in the government is a matter of no priority to me and to the SMI’.
‘As a political force, we have the responsibility to co-govern and our colleagues are working to represent this force with dignity and by her profile’, Meta said. The SMI chairman commented also on the issue of the next president rebus. ‘We will not haste up to take part in a premature debate, even personalized. The process is more important. It must be a constitutional, transparent, constructive and the result should be a president with the necessary integrity to guarantee the duly functioning of the institutions, and a president with a respectable presence and a respected figure’, Meta concluded.

Banditen ziehen durch das Land Albanien

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