Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Nach Jahren der Sabotage, arbeitet die KSHC-Staatskontrolle wieder in Albanien

Nach Jahren der total Sabotage, fängt diese viele Jahre wichtige Organisation wieder das Arbeiten an.

March 4, 2012

Leskaj: SAA, 20 reports in 2 months

Leskaj: SAA, 20 reports in 2 months
In his third month as Chairman of the Supreme State Audit, Bujar Leskaj declared that 20 officials have been reported during this time at the Prosecution. Leskaj spoke about the former relations between the two institutions, and did not forget to cut the blame in half for the concern raised by the accusation that there was no report during 2011.

“This happened after the weak work of the SAA, an undervaluation and not good relations between the SAA and the Prosecution. Even the 2006 agreement, between the heads of both institutions, has not been effective”, Leskaj declared.

The SAA leader underlined that the institution that he leads must find at the prosecution a partner that values the concerns.

“There are 20 medium and high rank officials that have been reported. Let’s hope that the General Prosecution and its branched in the other cities of the country will answer positively to our efforts”, Leskaj declared.

In fact, in the framework of institutional cooperation, Mr. Leskaj signed a cooperation agreement between the SAA and the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets (HIDAA). The HIDAA director, Adriatik Llalla, appealed all subjects to declare their assets within March 31st.

“This cooperation agreement coincides with an important period of the HIDAA. As it is foreseen by the law, March 31st is the last deadline set by the law. It states that all officials have the obligation to declare their private assets and the changes that have happened in these assets during 2011. With this we remind all officials to correctly respect the deadlines”, Llalla declared.

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