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Rafting und Natur Urlaub wird immer populärer auch im Balkan

Berg Wandern, Adventure, Rafting, Natur pure hat einen enormen Aufschwung im Tourismus und ebenso bei der Jugend: Eine Art moderne Pfadfinder Romantik mit "Erlebniss" Kick, hat zur Neu Eröffnung auch von vielen Rafting Zentren geführt, vor allem in Bosnien und Montenegro ebenso. Der Geistes Zustand und die Bildung Albanischer Tourismus Minister sei erwähnt wie Ferdinand Xhaferrie, der einem Tauch Pionier für Sarande sagt, "das sei aber nicht Tourismus", obwohl Tauch- Yacht Sport schon vor 30 Jahren die Pionier Sport Arten waren, wo in Folge erst der normale Tourismus kam. Heute ist es Rafting, Erlebniss Urlaub in den Bergen usw.. und Natur pure, ebenso. Albanien, der Osumi Fluss: 28 May 12 / 15:06:45
Valjevo Canyons Guarantee Adrenaline Rush
Forget picnics and sampling local food – the Valjevo mountains are fast becoming a hot destination for those in search of bigger thrills.
Nemanja Cabric
aljevo area is starting to tap into its tourist potential as a destination for canyoning, free-climbing and kayaking. | Photo courtesy of
Besides mountain hiking, sightseeing and the local cuisine, the Valjevo area is starting to tap into its tourist potential as a destination for canyoning, free-climbing and kayaking.
Not for the fainthearted, these activities may sound extreme to some, but all now form parts of day-trip offers that most people can afford.
The Valjevo mountains are a 115km-long mountain range that stretches from Rajac and Suvobor in the east to Mt Povlen in the west. Almost all are rich in mountain streams, rivers that carve sharp cliffs in the rocks, canyons and caves.
In this untouched natural landscape there are several exciting waterfalls and canyons that can’t be reached in a conventional way, like walking or driving, but only by climbing down a rope.
Organisers of weekend tours and one-day events insist that visitors don’t need special skills or stamina to get down the cliffs between the rocks and that visitors are completely safe.
Equipment is provided for canyoning, including ropes, helmets, diving suits - all that is needed to help first-timers feel the adrenaline rush.
With the help of professional instructors, and with all the necessary equipment provided, visitors usually come back with memories that last for years.
Now a sport for the many:
Now a popular sporting activity for tourists who don’t wish only to swim, relax and dine in the open air on holiday, canyoning was originally a discipline used to explore caves, canyons and other hard-to-reach places.
Canyons are ranked on the basis of the difficulty and technical skill needed to traverse them and the price of the trip varies depending on this rank.
One of many people’s favourite canyons is on the River Tribuca on Debelo Brdo, about 40km south of Valjevo.
Only one kilometre long, the canyon has five steep waterfalls, which makes it perfect for all sorts of campers and explorers. The biggest vertical fall on the route is 20 metres high.
Until recently the canyon at Tribuca represented the most extreme canyon in Serbia.
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