Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Dunkle Wolken über Tirana, denn der EU Top Hunter besuchte die General Staatsanwältin

Dunkle Wolken über Tirana, wenn ein Grosser Hunter erstmalig Tirana besucht, denn die Regierung und die grossen Verbrecher sind eine Einheit und werden von der Justiz und Regierung geschützt. Wie bewiesen stattet die Mafia Regierung, Stapel weise gesuchte Kriminelle mit neuen Identitäten aus, gibt Selbiges inzwischen zu und spricht von 500 Fällen. Es sind aber über 2.000 real (2.000 € kostet nur eine neue Identität) gesehen, ein Standard Programm eines kriminelles Innenministerium, einer kriminellen Justiz, wo verurteilte Mörder und Drogen Bosse sich sogar aus der Haft freikaufen. Der Ja-Sager Präsident Bujar Nishani, der mit Vorsatz die Justiz und Polizei zerstörte - nun gibt es Entführungen in Tirana Ian Milne, head of European Operations for the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency Soca We work to put serious criminals behind bars, and use many other tactics to fight crime and keep you safe. In particular, we want to ensure crime doesn’t pay and that it’s harder to mit.soca Verbrechens

The power to counter criminals

SOCA officers can have the combined powers of police, customs and immigration officers. We also have a substantial range of tools and legislation to target criminals with – everything from the ability to recover assets through to Serious Crime Prevention Orders. We work with agencies and officials across the UK and all over the world to help us do our job and to help them do theirs.

New ways of fighting crime

We use traditional law enforcement methods – investigating, and arresting criminals. We also draw on innovative new approaches to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

Here are some examples:

First class intelligence - we use all kinds of ways to gather the knowledge we need to know where, when and how to strike to best effect.

Monitoring serious career criminals - in some cases we watch them for life, to prevent them from continuing their criminal activities in prison or after release.

Hitting them where it hurts - by taking criminals’ cash and property. For many serious criminals, this worries them more than the prospect of going to prison.

Working in partnership - serious organised crime is a major problem that affects everyone every day, so we co-operate with law enforcement, public and private sector partners to counter it.

Worldwide operations - we go anywhere we need to when tackling criminal activity. For instance, a street drug dealer is just the last link in a chain that probably stretches to the other side of the world. So our activities aren’t limited by borders.

Making it harder to commit crime - for example, passing on details of suspicious financial activities or forged identities to banks before frauds can take place.

Find out more about how we work

SOCA tackles serious organised crime that affects the UK and our citizens. This includes Class A drugs, people smuggling, human trafficking, major gun crime, fraud, computer crime and money laundering.

Image of hand-guns and ammunition

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12 Shtator, 2012

Aktualitet / Flash | nga AMA-News


Tronditet politika shqiptare, zbarkon kreu i Krimit të Organizuar në BE


Re të zeza në qiellin e Tiranes. Per me shume per politiken shqiptare dhe ne vecanti mazhorancen ne pushtet. Per here te pare Bashkimi Evropian dergon me mision ne Shqiperi shefin e Agjencise Kunder Krimit te Organizuar, nje institucion qe gjurmon kriminalitetin mafioz te lidhur me tentakulat e politikes. Fakti se Shqiperia po mbahet prej disa vitesh peng i politikes ne rrugen e anetaresimit, transakzionet miliarda euro qe behen nepermjet koncesioneve, shitjes, trafiqeve te panumerta te droges qe eshte kthyer si ne nje sherbim taksi, kane mjaftuar qe te zbarkoje kreu i SOCA. Ndoshta nje prej shkaqeve te fuqishme mund te jete edhe shitja e Albpetrol, ku krimi nderkombetar mund te kete evaduar ne Tirane per te kryer operacionin e radhes ne shifren 1 miliarde euro. Dhe meqenese prapaskena eshte politike, per kete shkak Ian Milne po viziton edhe vendin tone, duke ndjekur gjurmet e ketij transaksioni mafioz. Nga burime te besueshme mesohet se METE eshte trembur dhe njekohesisht perfaqesuesit e saj Haxhinasto dhe Meta. E njejta gje per Berishen, qe dyzohet mes fakteve se kush qendron pas konsorciumeve, duke dhene sinjalet e anulimit te tenderit. Nese parate do qarkullonin, atehere kjo do ishte nje prove e forte ne duart e Brukselit, qe mund t’i conte pas hekurave politikanet e perzier shqiptare….. ...........

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