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Kosovo Geheimdienst Chef aus dem "Gashi" C!an gefeuert, weil er Akten aus dem Präsidenten Büro stehlen wollte


Gashi Clan, ist einer der übelsten Verbrecher Clans, auch im Heroin Handel schon gut bekannt, vor 20 Jahren. Nund wurde der Geheimdienst Chef gefeuert, weil er Akten stehlen wolle aus dem Präsidenten Büro, welche nicht einer EULEX in die Hand fallen sollten

Als Michael Steiner mit dem Gashi Mafia Clan, die Justiz und Recht im Kosovo beendete



Michael Steiner und Ingrid Steiner-Gashi

 Kosovo Fires Intelligence Chief Over ‘Raid on President’s Safe’

December 18, 202013:27
Kosovo PM Avdullah Hoti and acting president Vjosa Osmani have sacked the chief of the KIA intelligence agency, after a KIA operative allegedly raided the President's office safe to stop documents falling into the hands of the EU rule-of-law mission.

Recently dismissed chief of Kosovo Intelligence Agency, KIA, Kreshnik Gashi. Photo: BIRN/ Urim Krasniqi

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, in coordination with acting Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani, on Thursday dismissed the chief of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, KIA, Kreshnik Gashi, allegedly for trying to obtain confidential documents from the President’s office.

Gashi was dismissed as KIA chief after an incident in which a KIA inspector was allegedly found at the President’s office on November 6, trying to obtain confidential information from the safe, together with former intelligence chief Driton Gashi, who was the secretary of the recently resigned president, Hashim Thaci; he stepped down recently to deal with war crime charges in the Hague concerning the Kosovo independence war.

“There was coordination and full agreement between acting President Vjosa Osmani, and Prime Minister Hoti on relieving the KIA director of his duties,” a media advisor to President Osmani, Bekim Kupina, told BIRN.

On the first day of her three-day official visit to Albania on Thursday, Osmani, also speaker of the Kosovo Assembly, told the TV channel Euronews Albania that she knew the circumstances.

“I know the reasons [for the dismissal] but this is a sensitive process, so I don’t think it is right for me to speak in detail – it was a process that was discussed and coordinated earlier,” she said.

Another Osmani adviser, Faton Peci, however, told Kosovo TV channel Klan Kosovo that on November 6, he found Driton Gashi in the President’s office trying to “open the safe” ahead of a suspected raid by EU officials.

Peci said Driton Gashi had warned that officers from the EU rule-of-law mission, EULEX, were about to raid the office.

“We moved to the office of the Speaker and canceled some meetings. While we were discussing in the office of the Assembly, the President informed me that I am responsible for what happens in the Presidency, so I went to see what the developments were … on the announced [EULEX] action,” Peci said.

He said he found an unidentified KIA inspector trying to open the President’s office safe, while Driton Gashi was on the phone. Peci said that Driton Gashi told him: “I do not want these documents to fall into the hands of EULEX.” According to Peci, the EULEX raid took place later that day.

Driton Gashi denied the whole story to Klan Kosova earlier on Thursday. “The idea that the safe was opened and there was abuse of authorisations is a lie,” he said.

Despite his own lack of direct involvement, Kreshnik Gashi, who succeeded Driton Gashi as KIA chief, was dismissed on Thursday.

Driton Gashi was dismissed in 2019 as chief of the KIA in 2019 over the highly controversially deportations of six Turkish nationals in March 2018. Gashi had been present at Pristina airport during the deportation.


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