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Ilir Kumbaro, Ex-Geheimdienst Direktor des SHIS, wurde erneut in England festgenommen

Agim Shehu beim Prozeß in Tirana, als damaliger Vize-Geheimdienst Chef!

Aus den früheren Verbrecher Gruppen, des Albanischen Geheimdienstes SHIK, wurde erneut Ilir Kumbaro, Ex-Direktor des Albanischen Geheimdienstes von Scot Land Yard festgenommen. Tausende erhielten Asyl im Ausland, weil man Politische “Freunde” in NATO Staaten hatte, obwohl es billige Verbrecher und Mörder waren. Diesmal geht es um die Ermordung des Remzi Hoxha, eines sogenannten Mazedonischen Busenessman, der wohl ein Spion von Milosevic war und ermordet wurde, weil Remzi Hoxha, auch Zeuge eines Gespräches war zwischen Milosevic und Salih Berisha, wegen dem Treibstoff Schmuggel nach Jugoslawien.
Ilir Kumbaro
Albaner Kriminelle laufen bekanntlich mit vielen Namen herum, wobei prominente Polizei Direktoren wie Pjerin Ndreu (heute SP Vorsitzender in Tirana, ein Bomben Geschäfte dabei machten und mit Drogen)
Mr Kumbaro entered the UK in August 1996 under the name Shaqa Shatri.
Under his false identity, Mr Kumbaro was granted indefinite leave to remain and issued with a British passport.
He was given incapacity benefits because he claimed he was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Mr Kumbaro lived in a council estate in Fulham, with people who are believed to be his wife and son.

Albanian Ex-Spy Murder Suspect Held in Britain

Tirana | 26 August 2010 |

Ilir Kumbaro
Ilir Kumbaro
A former Albanian secret services officer, Ilir Kumbarao, who is alleged to have been involved in the torture and murder of an Albanian-Macedonian businessman in 1995, has been arrested by police in Britain.
Kumbarao has been charged by Albanian prosecutors in connection with the killing of Remzi Hoxha, along with Arben Sefgjini, the former head of the General Directorate of Taxes, who previously served as the head of Tirana’s Secret Service Office, SHIK.
Two of Kumbarao's former colleagues, Budion Mece, Avni Kolladashi, have also been charged.
The four former SHIK officers are accused of abducting Hoxha, along with two other men, Zizo Kristopoli and Avdyl Loshaj, on October 21, 1995.
The three were tortured by the defendants, with Hoxha dying as a result of his wounds after being placed in a SHIK safe house in the town of Lezha in northern Albania, prosecutors say.
The reasons behind the abduction and torture remain unclear.
Local media have alleged that Hoxha was a witness to a conversation in Macedonia between then Prime Minister Sali Berisha and former Serb strongman Slobodan Milosevic, in which they agreed terms for smuggling oil during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.
Berisha has declined to comment on the allegations, but in 2005 admitted tolerating the smuggling trade between Albania and Montenegro.
He said it was allowed for “humanitarian reasons” in order to relieve hardship suffered in Montenegro and Kosovo as a result of the UN embargo.
Critics contend the contraband fuelled Milosevic’s war machine in Bosnia.
Kumbaro had previously been arrested in London in October 2008 following an international manhunt by Interpol and Britain's Scotland Yard.
But he was released after a Tirana court revoked his expired arrest warrant in December 2009. He was re-arrested after a new one was issue.
The defendants all pleaded not guilty when they were arraigned before the High Court in Tirana.

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  1. 13 Dec 2011 / 13:44
    Albania Officials Helped Killer Escape, Says Victim's Son

    The son of a businessman killed in 1995 has accused Tirana’s Supreme Court and senior state officials of helping a former secret service officer wanted over the case to jump bail in Britain.
    Besar Likmeta
    Ilir Kumbaro in an undated photo distributed by police

    Ilir Kumbaro, a former officer of Albania’s National Intelligence Service, SHIK, now SHISH, is accused of the torture and disappearance of a Macedonian Albanian businessman, Remzi Hoxha in 1995.

    Hoxha’s son, Ardian Hoxha, told Balkan Insight in a telephone interview that Albania’s Supreme Court and officials in the Albanian government had aided the suspect's escape by delaying local court proceedings against him.

    “Albania’s Supreme Court delayed issuing an extradition order for more than a month, blocking the process in Britain and helping Kumbaro to flee,” Hoxha said.

    “A criminal group from the very top of the Albanian state has tried to block the [Kumbaro] extradition process,” he added.

    Together with Kumbarao, Albanian prosecutors have indicted Arben Sefgjini, former head of the General Directorate of Taxes, who previously served as the head of Tirana’s SHIK office, over the torture and presumed murder of Remzi Hoxha.

    Two other agents, Budion Mece, Avni Kolladashi, have also been charged in connection with the case.

    The four former SHIK officers are accused of abducting Hoxha, Zizo Kristopoli and Avdyl Loshaj on October 21, 1995.

    Prosecutors believe that after being placed in a SHIK safe house in the town of Lezha, in northern Albania, the three were tortured by the defendants, while Hoxha died as a result of wounds inflicted during the torture.

    The motives remain unclear.

    Kumbaro is accused by Albanian prosecutors for following offences:

  2. 15 Jahre Haft hat Kumbaro in Abwesenheit erhalten