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Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, wurden für eine DNS Anaylse wieder ausgebuddelt

Ceausescu - Back from the Dead

John Horvath 08.08.2010

Two decades later, the former dictator of Romania is as popular as ever

One would hope that when a politician dies they would end up locked away in hell forever along with bankers, lawyers, and other like-minded souls. The scariest scenario one could imagine is that such individuals somehow rise from the depths of darkness to haunt us once again. Well in Romania, the country of Count Dracula, anything is possible.

Twenty one years after his death Romania once again is talking about Nicholae Ceausescu. His family succeeded in having his remains exhumed in July so as to verify that it's really him that lies buried in the Ghencea military cemetery in west Bucharest.
Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu during the "trial" on Dec. 25, 1989
In December 1989 the dictator and his wife were [extern] executed, but the 20 years since then have embellished memories. As incredible at it may seem, a poll conducted after the exhumation revealed that 41% of Romanians today would once again vote for Ceausescu; moreover, half of those questioned felt that he was a good leader and that it was a mistake to ban the Communist Party. Meanwhile, some 87% have been following with interest the exhumation and its results; indeed, it has become one of the key themes of the summer. 

with video of the people from the court

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