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Wie geht es weiter mit Gjirokastro Airport?

Die Pläne werden nun konkreter. Trotzdem plant man 4 Jahre, und wegen dem Chaos krimineller Politiker geht Nichts mehr weiter.

Aeroporti i Gjirokastrës, plane për ta dhënë me koncesion
2011-01-09 00:00:00
Ing. Bexhet Çobani (K

Italians to reconstruct Gjirokastra’s airport


Among other goals, the 15m-euro project is intended to help provide a boost for regional tourism.

By Erlis Selimaj for Southeast European Times in Tirana – 27/03/07

Albania's Gjirokastra airport will receive a makeover.
The Italian government, through a joint project with NATO structures, will undertake a project to rebuild and remodel the Gjirokastra airport in southern Albania. The renovated airport will be used for both civilian and military purposes. Authorities hope it will provide a boost for regional tourism and serve local and foreign businesses.

Mediterranean tourism requires proper infrastructure and developed markets. The initiators of the Gjirokastra project hope the makeover will help achieve this.

"It is a project which has to be taken seriously and we are looking forward to its completion," said Brigadier General Aldo Piccoti, the Italian military representative working in the framework of NATO forces.

The first phase of rehabilitation should be completed in September. At that time, Italy's Aero-Club plans to hold a special tour, bringing members of Italy's business community to Gjirokastra via private jet.

"Our aim is to promote tourism in the city," Deutsche Welle radio quoted Italian consul general Lorenzzo Tomassini as saying. The airport remodel will cost 15m euros.

Albanian authorities are hoping to develop not only Gjirokastra, but also the southern cities of Saranda and Vlora, as top destinations. They would like to connect all three cities as hubs for domestic air flights. Vlora's Bisht-Poro airport is also being rebuilt by the Italian Defence Ministry in the framework of NATO programmes.

At the moment Albania has only one international airport, which is undergoing a makeover and extension. Another, Kukesi Airport in the northeast, is under construction.

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