LDP leader blasts Mišković’s letter

BELGRADE -- Čedomir Jovanović has labeled Miroslav Mišković’s letter “illiterate“, repeating the LDP's plans to sue.
The LDP leader (FoNet)
The LDP leader (FoNet)
Reacting to Mišković’s accusations that he was involved in the Delta Holding owner’s kidnapping in 2001, the Liberal Democratic party (LDP) leader told B92 radio’s Kažiprst (Index Finger) program that it was good that “this situation where Mišković considers himself to be the master of all our lives, and where the public is denied the answer it must receive, will finally be settled.“
“As far as the letter is concerned, I think that it’s beyond contempt, because of the way it’s been done. It’s illiterate, ignores all grammatical rules and doesn’t become a man who has such a high opinion of himself. The way he did it gives me the impression that he feels very perturbed. That letter is the kind of thing you’d expect from Milorad Ulemek,“ said Jovanović.

The LDP leader repeated that his party’s lawyers would lodge a formal complaint against Mišković. “He has a very important role in society and he must assume responsibility for that role, both for what he's doing today and in the past,“ he stressed.

The Delta owner yesterday accused Jovanović of involvement in his abduction, calling him a friend of the mafia. In an open letter to the LDP leader, Mišković asked if he had been involved in his “imprisonment“ and whether he had given a licence, instructions or guarantee of immunity to the kidnappers, given that, as the regime’s second-in-command, he admitted visiting the Zemun Clan and being friends with mafia leaders responsible for his kidnap.

Mišković, who has spoken publicly for the first time about the experience, was abducted in April 2001, and was released after the kidnappers were paid a ransom of EUR 3mn. Members of the Zemun Clan criminal group were accused of the kidnapping.