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Die Albanische Regierungs Mafia, blockiert die Veröffentlichung des "SHIS" Report

Wenn die Mafia und Politik eine Einheit sind, wie ja in den wikeleaks cabels auch festgehalten ist, werden Berichte an das Parlament (im Volks Mund, als "Club der Alkoholiker und Mafia bekannt"), über "Warnungen", der Geldwäsche Mafia aus Russland, Albanien, Italien und Israel, erneut verhindert.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Albanian Parliamentary Security Commission, blocking the reporting of the Albanian Secret Service, to cover the power of Serbian and Russian Mafia

The Albanian Newspaper "SOT" In this report, scheduled for release shortly, said that in the remaining coast in Himara Region, Russian Mafia operates intensively, with politicians from both government and opposition related to the Development Plan and purchasing land illegally. Governing majority, blocking for the second consecutive year the National Intelligence Service report, arguing that the National Security Committee does not guarantee the security measures for the protection of classified information to NIS. Blocking learned that was ordered by Prime Minister Berisha, in order to cover the government, Russian and Serbian mafia, mafia, which has occupied all the coast of Albania. Knowing that the head of NIS Bahri Shaqiri will speak again to the Russian mafia connections with segments of government, the PM Berisha, has ordered that the Commission must cancel the Security reporting, of Bahri Shaqiri. Given past sessions behind closed doors, where reporting of Bahri Shaqiri is discolored by the media, the Parliament decided to suspend all relations with the State Information Service, thereby violating the Constitution and Rules of the Assembly. Majority has refused to review the Albanian SIS annual report for work during 2011, but with the same argument. On the other hand, the opposition has sought review of the SIS report, and accused the President of the Committee of Security Leonard Demi, for violation of rules. Two years ago, Albanian media report derived SIS head of the committee, who expressed concern that the Russian mafia are stationed in Albania, by investing mainly in the coast. At last report, NIS warned, not only for the Russian Mafia, but also Israeli, Italian and Albanian groups narkotrafikut who live in Colombia. Russians are the main investment land for tourist villages, especially on the coast. According to information intelligence service, four years ago in Albania flocked Russian businessmen, who were regularly noted. In these conditions, the businessmen, who according to information from SIS are associated with the Russian Mafia, "was delivered", because it was interesting to have problems with justice in our country. However, before long, began the second phase, but this time, not directly. Russian Mafia began using different individuals Albanian subcontractor conditions. They were asked to persuade the owners, in order to sell large properties for construction of tourist villages, mainly in the southern Ionian coast, and in particular in the Himara Region.
Himara`s Case (SManalysis) According to almost confidential reports of Albanian NIS, Russian Serbian and Italian Mafia, operating intensively in buying lands which have priority to tourism Development Plans in the Himara Region. It is no coincidence that in parallel, the Development Plan is expected to be approved by the Albanian Government for Himara Region, related to the interests of "Real State" Agencies, internationally mainly in London, who publish for the buyers, the land prospective for elite and touristic villages,, without becoming the first registration of land, based on documents from Himara successors properties. In reporting was due for release, Albanian NIS, in collaboration with sources of american CIA, underlines the fact that there was a close relation between the "buyers", who in most cases, are presented as Greek citizens and the Himara Municipality, using corrupt practices, especially in counterfeiting documents of ownership, that has to do with Law 7501, that population Himara largely rejects. Also a number of considered Notaries, Court officials and Registry Offices, are investigated using corrupted practicies in the device with inexistent ownership documents to the Russian and the International.Mafia Of course, reporting the NIS, will encourage American citizens by the Himara Region for properties that require transparence from the Albanian Government, bloking the Development Plans that are expected to be approved in the Himara Region, plans which are experiencing Albanian politicians links the international Mafia. 2010:

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    Spahiu to Berisha: You and your little half party will retreat as a mere minority; You are a anti-Albanian Prime Minister

    b_95_75_16777215_0___images_Politika_kreshnik-spahiuuu.gif The Red and Black alliance has held today a meeting with its supporters in the city of Durresi. The head of AK, Kreshnik Spahiu said in his speech that ‘Berisha has called us atavists and monks. I have a message to the little half party of Berisha. You and your party will shrink into a minority. Our movement is all Albanian and all popular. AK is not the Bolshevik little party of Berisha. May will be the month of the national parliament. The parliament will be held at the Red and Black stadium of Tirana. We are neither red nor black. We are the Red and black Alliance”. Spahiu also emphasized that Berisha is an Anti-Albanian prime minister. “Berisha coined ‘Albania is worth 1 Euro’. He is selling out the Albanian passport for 100 000 Euros. Berisha sold Durresi out to the Serbian Mafia”, said Spahiu, as he added that the AK card is issued to 11 million Albanians.

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