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Holländischer Diplomat: Balkan Leute, sind keine Europäer

Dutch Diplomat: Balkan People Are Not Europeans - Report Bulgaria in EU | February 27, 2012, Monday

Bulgarians in the Netherlands have yet again been subjected to attacks over their origins and their culture, but this time the source is former diplomat and journalist Robert van Lanschot.
In a commentary for Handelsblatt, cited by Bulgarian 24 Hours, Lanschot, who has participated in missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Eritrea, is quoted as saying that East Europeans, most of all the people on the Balkans, have contributed nothing to European culture.
According to the Bulgarian publication, the article in the German business daily opens with a quote of friends of the ex diplomat from Kongo, who reside in Brussels: "The Balkan people in Belgium? These are not white people!"
Provided that even African outlanders realized that a great cultural divide separates Western and Eastern Europe, what about the rest, Van Lanschot writes.
To illustrate his point, he says that in Sarajevo Europe starts in the middle of the bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar.
He claims that tourists sigh with relief and can "finally feel back in Europe" once they enter the Croatian part of Mostar.
In Lanschot's words, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova and Montenegro, a large part of Serbia, parts of Bosnia, Bulgaria and Greece, likewise disagree with the idea of Europe.
According to the author, they rather belong to a cultural group which is much closer to Turkey.
He argues that the cities in Kosovo are more like the cities in Iraq, not the EU.
"Nobody on the Balkans knows what a Chanel costume is, about the culinary art of Bokus , Pippi Longstocking, English gardens, Montaigne's Essays, Lego toys, etc", he writes.
He explains that construction workers from Kosovo who work on projects in Switzerland fail to grasp Swiss-style building and keep making "distorted, unsymmetrical constructions" peculiar to the eyes of Westerners when they return home.
Van Lanschot calls for stopping the expansion, noting that the countries in question have nothing to do with Europe.  //

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