Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Die Griechen verlassen den Desaster Platz der NATO Verbrechen: Afghanistan

Greek soldiers leave Afghanistan
The Ministry of Defence of Greece completed the withdrawal of its units in Afghanistan. A special battalion left Kabul with all its equipment, said the ministry statement.
The mission of the Greek contingent in Afghanistan began February 17, 2002 has ended. The Ministry of Defence said the withdrawal by the reduction of the military budget and savings. His statement said that in 2011 the maintenance of the military mission in Kabul has cost 6.8 million euros in 2010, 7.7 million
In Afghanistan remain seven trainers officers of the HAF training Afghan pilots in the C-27A aircraft. They will leave upon completion of their mission.
You can read more about the Hellenic Contribution to the Reconstruction of Afghanistan here

NATO Attacked Afghan Health Clinic in Serious War Crime
By John Glaser

December 7, 2012 - US-led NATO forces attacked a health clinic in Afghanistan, stormed the building, damaged equipment, detained those inside and turned it into a temporary jail and military base, in a grave violation of the laws of war. The incident occurred in October in Wardak province, according to the aid group that runs the clinic, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. "The soldiers knocked down a wall to enter the building, damaged doors, windows, examination beds and other equipment, and detained clinical staff and civilians inside," reports the Guardian's Emma Graham-Harrison from Kabul. "And for the next two and a half days they brought dozens, maybe hundreds of prisoners through the clinic, using it as a jail, logistics hub and for mortar fire, contravening the Geneva conventions, which protect medical centres."...
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