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Gazprom liefert unbegrenzt Gas nach Griechenland

Putin zeigt erneut, das er hundertmal mehr Verstand als die Westlichen Politiker und Wirtschafts Strategen hat. Der Bau der Gas Pipeline South Stream hat ja begonnen.

Putin Intervenes To Send More Natural Gas to Greece "No Question Of Cost Or Credit"
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 (credit: World Economic Forum)
"Greece can consume as much natural gas as it needs from Russia. There is no question of cost or credit. It is unlimited. Whatever quantities are required we will give them." And with this statement Russian President V.Putin instructed Gazprom to allow natural gas to flow into Greece freely and abundantly despite the difficulties in repayment from the Greek side. Putin understands the difficulties currently faced by all consumers due to outrageously high fuel prices, which has in return skyrocketed the demand for natural gas. The Greek government requested additional quantities of natural gas around three weeks ago, and several days ago Russia responded affirmatively and decisively with a personal intervention by Mr. Putin.

Gazprom Representative Sergey Kupriyanov announced that Russian natural gas flows to Greece increased more than the specified daily limit as of December 12. Kupriyanov underlined that this was a result of a request by Greek authorities who are documenting increased consumer demands for natural gas because of the cold weather that is currently prevailing in the country. In such a development, some 2 million cubic meters of additional natural gas will flow into Greece 24/7, and easily meet the sudden high demand.

The representative noted that Russia and especially Gazprom "is always ready to satisfy its global customers and has in the past repeatedly increased and administered large quantities of natural gas above the limits specified in the contracts when there is a need to."

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