Donnerstag, 5. April 2018

NATO Staat Montenegro, hat ebenso erhebliche Sicherheits Probleme, was NATO Norm ist

Alles normal, wenn ein Land  NATO Mitglied wird. Sofort beginnt die totale Korruption, keine Institution funktioniert mehr und die Hirnlosen gekauften Gestalten werden installiert.

04 Apr 18
Montenegrins to Protest Against Wave of Violence
NGOs and citizens groups are calling for mass protests against the spate of car bombs and gangs killings in the capital, Podgorica.
Dusica Tomovic
A car bomb expoloded in the Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, on March 28, 2018. Photo: Anadolu/Milos Vujovic
Under the slogan "A life without fear", a protest has been scheduled for Saturday in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, with organizers urging people to stand up against the recent wave of mafia-like violence in the country. They say it has become "everyday life in Montenegro", and has to stop.
“Because of the killings and arson attacks that have become common in the country, a growing number of citizens of Montenegro feel deep personal, legal, property and other forms of uncertainty," the organizers said in a statement.
“As the competent authorities do not take effective measures to combat this, and in an atmosphere of fear in which killings and explosions have become a habit, citizens concerned for their personal safety, the safety of their families, but also general security, call on all Montenegrins to join the peaceful protest on Saturday," they said in the written statement.
Another protest was scheduled for Wednesday, when a group of ten NGOs will gather in front of the Interior Ministry, demanding urgent action against gang-related violence.
The Civic Alliance, an NGO, said it was time to pressure the authorities to deal with the issues, and with "solutions not rhetoric."
Top security officials admitted on Monday that the situation in the country was worrying after the latest bomb blasts and assassinations, having claimed the opposite for years. They said the “security situation had worsened as a result of the growing conflicts of organized criminal groups."....

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