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Der Kosovo soll eine Mafiöse Armee erhalten, sagt der vollkommen korupte US Senator Eliot Engel

US Senator Eliot Engel, liess sich nicht nur ein illegal gebautes Haus in New York von der Albaner Mafia schencken, sondern  tritt von Beginn an, als gekaufter Mafia Promoter der Albanischen Drogen Kartelle auf, liess sich wie John McCain, Wesley Clark den Wahlkampf finanzieren.

Kosovaren Medien schreiben, das die Deutschen diese Terroristen und Verbrecher Armee ausbilden, wo man lange Tradition hat
Kadetët e FSK-së në akademitë ushtarake gjermane

Kadetët e FSK-së në akademitë ushtarake gjermane 

Albanien und der Kosovo ist die geplante Terroristen und Drogen Zentrale der Amerikaner, korupter EU und Berliner Politiker, was man schon sehr lange weiß um Europa auch zu destabilsieren. Joschka Fischer der Dumm Lügner im Auswärtigen Amte, verkaufte einmal die FSK im Kosovo als eine "Art THW", was reine Lüge war, denn schon lange ist die illeglae Kosovo Armee, als NATO Arm geplant, denn mit dem US Militär kamen die Drogen und Terroristen Ausbildungen gegen den Iran und die Syrische Bevölkerung.

16:43 [Blauer Bote Magazin]
78jähriger Ray McGovern für CIA-Folterbestie Gina Haspel verprügelt
Gina Haspel hat als CIA-Mitarbeiterin für die US-Präsidenten George W. Bush und Barack Obama Menschen verschwinden lassen und gefoltert und nach Aussagen von Ex-Kollegen hat sie das nicht nur getan, weil es ihre Arbeit war, sondern weil es ihr ein perverses Vergnügen bereitete. Nun soll die Folterkönigin Haspel unter dem Präsidenten Donald Trump Chefin des größten Geheimdienstes der USA, der CIA, werden.

Albanian gangsters take hold of Britain’s cocaine trade - fuelling wave of brutal crime as rival groups battle for control

Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 4 Stunden
[image: Competition between rival gangs to sell cocaine to wealthy clients will result in the drug's purity rising to dangerous levels, the former head of drugs threat at the National Crime Agency has said (file photo)] SManalysis 10 May 2018 | Daily Mail, 10 May 2018 Gang violence has spilled out of cities and into rural villages as the number of Albanian cocaine-dealing gangsters rose by almost 60 per cent. The increase over the last three years in criminals dealing high-purity cuts of the drug is fuelling the spread of violence as the eastern European country's mafia works with L... mehr »

Kosovo — an Illegal Entity Annexed and Ruled by NATO — Is to Create a Regular Army

Kosovo — an Illegal Entity Annexed and Ruled by NATO — Is to Create a Regular Army

Kosovo is to set up a regular standing army, officially defying everyone, including NATO, although the bloc’s objections are only half-hearted. The alliance would prefer that the illegal entity of Kosovo change its constitution in order to create an army. Just amend it, and then you’re free to have one. This stance looks more like connivance than any real opposition to the move.
Washington’s position is more or less the same. It supports "the gradual, transparent transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into a multiethnic force in line with NATO standards" as long as it complies with the provisions of Kosovo’s constitution, reflecting that “entity’s multiethnic democracy.” That sounds like an approval with a caveat. In March, US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Wess Mitchell, went so far as to say that Kosovo "has the right to form professional forces" and that this would not pose a threat to Serbia or Kosovo’s Serbs. In his opinion, “Nobody can place a veto on Kosovo’s right to develop its armed forces." If that’s not offering a green light then what is?
Kosovo’s Albanians enjoy political support among US lawmakers. Congressman Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, is known as the Kosovo Albanians’ ambassador to the US without a portfolio. His name is on street signs there and his image adorns postage stamps. He was responsible for an attempt to impeach President Trump, after which Mr. Engel promptly did an about-face to hail the president’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. As the ranking member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, he has done a lot to spoil US-Russia relations.
The creation of a regular military force in Kosovo is a gross violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244. That document states explicitly that no other military presence except KFOR and Serbia’s Army shall be permitted without the mandate of the UN Security Council. The very declaration of independence in 2008 by Kosovo’s parliament was a flagrant breach of that resolution, because no referendum had been held.
The establishment of the force also contravenes the Florence Agreement (Article IV of the 1996 Dayton Peace Accords), which says that regional stability should be maintained with the assistance of the OSCE. The formation of a standing army in Kosovo would mean that a military force was being created within the territory of Serbia, which was a party to the Florence agreement. This is illegal but the president of Kosovo has been pushing hard to achieve this goal. “No turning back,” he says. The plan would increase the number of active-duty lightly armed regular forces to 5,000 and reservists to 3,000 — a considerable force to contend with.
And what do you think justifies such urgency? According to the leader of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, the threat is coming from “the Russian military bases in Serbia, from Russia's MIG jets in Serbia and from the Russian military exercises in Serbia." So it’s Russia again! But Belgrade is free to possess and purchase any warplanes it wants. Has anyone ever heard of any military exercises being conducted by Russia in Serbia that are large enough to pose a threat to other countries? Or of military bases? Could Mr. Thaci name at least one to prove his point? No, because Russia has no “bases” there and, unlike NATO, it does not conduct military activities in the region. The Russian threat is clearly a fantasy that serves as a pretext for this gross violation of international law that is fanning tensions in the Balkans.
Here is another angle that should be kept in mind. If this military force is created, it will be under the command of a man who has been involved in the illegal trafficking of human organs in Kosovo, as stated by the 2010 Council of Europe report. A standing army headed by a criminal? So, “NATO land” is going to set up a military force led by someone with an extremely dubious reputation. This is all happening in broad daylight with little media coverage!...

Samstag, 24. Februar 2018

Wenn die NATO, direkt von der Top Albaner Mafia in Tirana übernommen wurde: mit dem "Xhaka" Clan

Echter Mafiosi Adel, inklusvie Kinder Handel, Drogen Handel, Betrug shcon in 2000, oder mit der Pyramid Firma: "Galicia", dem zweit übelsten Pyramid Betrugs System in Albanien in 1995, 1996!
Netzwerke in alle Richtungen auch beim Militär
NATO: Hochrangige Albanische Militär- und Diplomaten Familie organisiert Drogen Schmuggel
Ekskluzive/ E ëma e Ministres Olta Xhaçka, bëhet notere në kundërshtim me ligjin

Dokumentat e siguruara nga tregojnë se e ëma e Ministres së Mbrojtjes, Olta Xhaçka, ka përfituar liçencën e Noterit pa plotësuar kriteret ligjore, madje edhe në shkelje flagrante të ligjit.
Natasha Xhaçka, në qershor të 2014, sapo kishte festuar ditëlindjen e saj të 56-të, por 3 muaj më pas ajo do të pajisej me Licencën e Noterit, në kundërshtim me kriteret e përcaktuara nga ligji. Nëse i referohemi ligjit nr. 9216, datë 1.4.2014, në nenin 2 të saj thuhet se profesionin e noterit mund ta ushtrojë çdo shtetas i Republikës së Shqipërisë që është jo më pak se 26 vjeç dhe jo më shumë se 55 vjeç në çastin e dhënies së provimit të kualifikimit për marrjen e lejes së ushtrimit të profesionit të noterit.

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