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Gazmend Oketa, der Verteidigungs Minister von Albanien gewann erneut einen Parlaments Sitz bei den Wahlen in Albanien

In der Stadt Durres Albanien, konnte die Regierung in einem glorreichen Sieg, 7 Parlaments Sitze erreichen, bei nur 8 Kandidaten. Einen Sitz konnte der tüchtige Verteidigungs Minister erringen, der auf direkten Befehl von Salih Berisha, den Wahnsinn seine Vergängers Fatos Nano beendete, Albanische Soldaten dem durch geknallten US Präsidenten Bush für die Irak Besatzung zur Verfügugn zu stellen.

Die Bulgaren haben ebenso die letzten Truppen aus dem Irak abgezogen.

Albania Pulls Troops Out of Iraq

Shqipëria tërheq trupat nga Iraku. Mbyllet misioni
• Nga Suela Gera
Shqipëri tërheq trupat nga Iraku. Vetë ministri i Mbrojtjes Gazmend Oketa udhëtoi drejt Mosulit për të marrë pjesë në ceremoninë e uljes së flamurit shqiptar që është zhvilluar dje, por vizita e tij u mbajt sekret për arsye sigurie.

Our Commando Troops in Iraq

The Mission
Undertake and execute stabilizing and security operations in support of the “Iraqi Freedom” Coalition.

Contingent Formation
9 Officers, 17 NCO-s, 3 professional soldiers, 42 soldiers of the compulsory military service.

Chain of Command
Initially the company was attached to the 1st Battalion 2nd Brigade of the 101st Air Assault Division, later under the command of DREAR (Division Logistics Head Quarters).

Logistics Support
This was the most supported mission in all the variety of equipments. It was precisely this support that created the identity of our forces, known throughout the city as the Albanians.

The Equipments
10 land rover military trucks, 1 auto ambulance, 2 big military trucks, 1 mobile center of radio-communications, armament, ammunition, communications equipment, anti-chemical materials and other necessary equipments for the accomplishment of the mission.

Phone, radio transmitter, and computer data transmitting system established communications with the Commando Regiment and the United Operations Center. The company itself communicated with ASELSAN radio transmitters (in vehicles), ANPRC, SEM-52.

The auto ambulance was equipped with four beds, defibrillator, sterilizer, chirurgical set, all needed medicine and other equipments.

Thus, it was possible to resist to the high temperature periods (dehydration, sun strokes), to control the gastro-intestinal outbreak Bagdad – Mosul (including 6 American soldiers) and to give the first aid in the field whenever needed. Moral and psychological conditions of the troops are always high. This is reflected also in the successful accomplishment of every planed task.

The Tasks:

Albania Pulls Troops Out of Iraq
Tirana | 18 December 2008 |

PM Sali Berisha inspecting troops
Albania is ending its presence in the United States-led mission in Iraq, local media reported on Thursday.

Defence Minister Gazmend Oketa, is currently in Mosul were he participated in a ceremony for the departure of the troops.

In Iraq, Albania maintains a 200 non-combat contingent, stationed at Mosul Airport. An Albanian commando contingent is also stationed as part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Together with Croatia, Albania was invited to join NATO at the Bucharest summit in April.

In July, Albania sent 120 commando troops to Chad in central Africa as part of the European Union mission there.

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