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USA-Depeschen: die Behörden in Skopje fachen „Klima der Angst“ an

Veröffentlicht 03. Juni 2011 - Aktualisiert 06. Juni 2011
Der Premierminister Mazedoniens, Nikola Gruevski, und sein engster Kreis nutzen den Justiz- und Repressionsapparat systematisch, um abweichende Meinungen zu unterdrücken: Dies enthüllen USA-Depeschen, die Wikileaks erhalten hat und und exklusiv zur Verfügung stellen.
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US secret diplomatic cables seen by EurActiv and, a Bulgarian investigative journalism website, speak about Gruevski and his entourage from the ruling VMRO-DPMNE party (see 'Background') instigating a climate of fear in the EU candidate country [Cable REF: 09SKOPJE601].
US Ambassador Philip T. Reeker, who has occupied his post in Skopje since September 2008, writes in a cable dated December 2009 that Gruevski's government is using a catch-all corruption charge of "abuse of office" or "misuse of official position" against members of the political elite in Macedonia.
Highly-publicised arrests, detentions or investigations of current and former ministers, party members and the opposition have put pressure on the political elite in Macedonia to refrain from challenging or criticising Gruevski's government, Reeker writes.
EurActiv made the US cables available to the European Commission's services and asked for a comment. The official answer was that the EU executive does not comment on WikiLeaks revelations.
EurActiv also forwarded the two cables to the Macedonian authorities prior to publication, but is yet to receive any comments from their side.
Pressure on civil society groups
The US diplomatic cable informed Washington of complaints from non-governmental organisations whose members have been hauled in by the police for intimidating "informative talks" regarding their supposed actions.
Such tactics can be sold to the Macedonian public as the government's valiant efforts against corruption, which helps maintain public support for such abusive action, Ambassador Reeker writes.
On more than one occasion, the US diplomat expresses the view that by giving media prominence to his battles with opponents, Gruevski has been skilled enough to distract public attention from his own inability to advance on a protracted dispute with Greece over the country's name, which is identical to Greece's northernmost province (see 'Background').
"[Gruevski] continues to insist on a referendum to avoid personal responsibility for a historic compromise," the US Embassy reports to Washington.

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