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Die EU installiert eine Task Force, rund um den Dick Marty Bericht

"EU appoints team to investigate Kosovo organ trade"

BRUSSELS -- The EU has decided to appoint a special prosecutor and a team to investigate the Kosovo human organ trafficking allegations, said reports.
Dick Marty (Tanjug, file)
Dick Marty (Tanjug, file)
First surfacing in a book written by former Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, the allegations of atrocities committed by members and leaders of the ethnic Albanian KLA in Kosovo were investigated by Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty, who presented his findings in a report published late last year.
Serbia's state broadcaster RTS reported last night that the EU probe would cover organ trafficking allegations and involvement of former KLA leaders in organized crime.

Serbia has previously insisted that the investigation should be carried out under the UN umbrella, as was the case with other war crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Some western countries, however, maintained that the EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, was capable of carrying out the probe by itself. The news out of Brussels seem to suggest that the idea to entrust "the current composition of EULEX" with the task has been abandoned, said RTS.

Tanjug quoted a CoE source as saying that instead, "a team of 7 people, headed by a special prosecutor" would carry out the investigation, and "in part be based in Brussels". The news agency said the decision to do this was made in late May.

In March, EULEX said that a special team of prosecutors and investigators would be formed to deal with the Marty report, and that this mission had "a good system of witness protection, but lacked personnel".

Shortly after the decision was taken in Brussels to investigate ex-KLA leadership, including current Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci, two EULEX cars were blown up in Priština, said RTS.

EU's investigators will have to probe a number of accusations from the report, among them that Thaci is "the boss of a mafia engaged in arms and drugs trafficking and illegal trade in human organs".

Dick Marty, über die Sabotage der EU Verbrecher, um weitere Ermittlungen rund um die Kosovo Mörder Banden zu verhindern

CIA Idiot Nr. 1 und Partner der Islamischen Terroristen rund um Bin Laden im Balkan besucht Albanien

Und Kouchner und Sarkozy, als Verwandter des Weltverbrechers Nr. 1 und Welt Ober Drogen Bosses Frank Wisner, ist sowieso nur am vertuschen, was er schon als UNMIK Chef trieb

Marty: Everybody knew what Thaci did
12 February 2011 | 12:39 | Source: B92
LJUBLJANA -- Killing of witnesses, the fact that everybody knew what Hashim Thaci was doing and destruction of evidence is a scandal, Dick Marty told Slovenian daily Delo.

Interview mit Dick Marty, über den Europarat Bericht: Kosovo - Albanien

Ab 20.30 Uhr auf RTK

Das Interview mit Dick Marty wurde am letzten Mittwoch in Bern aufgenommen. Die Fragen gestellt hat Bashkim Iseni von Originalton ist französisch. In dieser Sprache wird es heute Abend 20.30 Uhr auf Radio Television Kosova (RTK) ausgestrahlt. Dort allerdings albanisch untertitelt. Weil Iseni den Inhalt auch für die Deutschschweiz und den deutschsprachigen Raum zugänglich machen wollte, liess er es bereits vor der Ausstrahlung übersetzen.

* Das ganze Interview auf (deutsch)
* Das ganze Interview auf (albanisch)

Marty am Kosovo-TV: Geschichte holte auch die Schweiz ein
Von Matthias Chapman. Aktualisiert vor 18 Minuten

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