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Der Kriegs Verbrecher Veselin Vlahovic Batko, wird nach Montenegro ausgeliefert

Extradition Proceedings Begin in Spain for Batko

| 05 March 2010
Veselin Vlahovic Batko
Veselin Vlahovic Batko
Suspected war criminal Veselin Vlahovic, who is known by his alias, Batko, has objected to extradition requests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

Former Milošević regime figure arrested
21 November 2007 | 10:21 | Source: B92
NOVI SAD -- Siniša Vučinić, a former ranking official of Mirjana Milošević's JUL, was arrested in Novi Sad yesterday.

UKP plain clothes officers arrest Vučinić (FoNet)
UKP plain clothes officers arrest Vučinić (FoNet)
Vučinić, who was also the leader of the Serb Party of Socialists, was taken into custody on suspicion of involvement in extortion.

MUP's Criminal Police Directorate, UKP, says that his activity was in cooperation with criminal groups from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

A Novi Sad judge will now take over the investigation of the case.

Vučinić was last mentioned in public when he took part in attempted disruption of the 2001 arrest of Slobodan Milošević in his Dedinje home in Belgrade. 

Bosnia Press Review - March 10

Sarajevo | 10 March 2010 |
Here are the top stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina's main newspapers. Balkan Insight has not verified the reports and cannot vouch for their accuracy.
Suspected war criminal Veselin Vlahovic Batko, who was arrested in Spain on March 2, was located after a phone conversation with his brother who lives in Montenegro. Serbian police, who are seeking Vlahovic for a murder he committed in Novi Sad in 1993 and for which he was sentenced to seven years in prison, tapped his brother’s phone in order to locate him.
After tracing the call, Serbian police informed the Spanish authorities of Batko’s location, leading to his arrest. Sarajevo had sent a request to Spanish authorities to extradite Vlahovic to Bosnia, where he is suspected of murdering hundreds of non-Serb civilians during the country’s 1992-95 war.
According to Spanish media, after his arrest Batko confessed to the killings of more than 100 people during the Bosnian war in the then Serb-held Sarajevo suburb of Grbavica.
Montenegro, where Batko was serving a sentence for banditry and violent behavior when he escaped from prison in 2001, will also seek his extradition...........

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