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Gegen Bosnischen Moslim Parlamentarier und Iman wird wegen Pädophilien Umtrieben ermittelt

Bosnian Muslim Rep, Imam in pedophilia row

March 16, 2010 – 7:39 am Authorities are searching the house of the Bosnian Muslim parliamentarian Sadik Ahimetovic who is under suspicion for pedophilia and prostitution, report Bosnian media. Several individuals have already been arrested in the villages surrounding Srebrenica.
The search and seizure is being done by orders of the Court and the prosecutors office in Bjeljina and among the arrested in one Bosnian Imam.
Ahmetovic, pictured to the left, told Sarajevo media that he was brought in for questioning and that at question is a young female that he was “sponsoring” last year.
The word “sponsor” is used in the Balkans for a situation where a young female goes out with an older male with money and in exchange for money, expenses and good time she has sex only with him.
Rumors say that another 20 individuals abused the young girl but Ahmetovic said that this entire story is a “set up”.
Among his wives, Islamic prophet also “married” a 13-year old child.

Bosnia: Police Raid in Child Prostitution Probe

Sarajevo | 16 March 2010 |
Bosnian Police
Bosnian Police
Bosnian police began raiding several locations in eastern Bosnia and questioning a number of people, including the country's security minister, in a case involving incitement to prostitution and sexual abuse of a minor, officials said.
The police are conducting searches in thirteen locations near the eastern towns of Serbenica and Bratunac and interviewing several people, including a number of police officers and education workers, police spokesman Dragomir Pajic told Balkan Insight.
Bosnia's Security Minister Sadik Ahmetovic told journalists that he had also been invited for questioning about the case, which he said involved a minor Roma girl reportedly raped by 20 persons.
“It is about a girl to whom I have given a scholarship, as I have given scholarships to many other children,” Ahmetovic said.
Ahmetovic denied involvement in the girl’s abuse and said that he “was shocked that someone could come up with such a fabrication”.
Pajic said the operation had been launched at the request of prosecutors of a regional court in the northeastern town of Bijeljina, as part of an investigation into a case involving alleged “prostitution, incitement to prostitution and sexual abuse of a minor”.
Local media reported that police have detained Srebrenica deputy mayor Camil Durakovic, but Pajic said he could not talk about the details of the operation.

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