Freitag, 24. September 2010

Die Griechische Minderheit in Albanien, provoziert neue Spannungen in Albanien

Friday, September 24, 2010

Artur Zhei: Bollano and Doule, threatening the integrity of Albania

Albanian Telegraphic Agency Director, as every Albanian invested by Italian patriotism in the last century, this time charged against Albania, the two leaders of the ethnic Greek community

In the show "Opinion" TV Klan, held a debate about the relationship and tensions Albanian Greek. In one of the most interesting debates, Artur Zhei, Director of ATA Albanian Telegraphic Agency, a publicist Albanian invested by "pro Albania Italian patriotism, accused as enemies of the national integrity of Albania, two leaders of the ethnic Greek minority, Vangjel Doules and Vassili Bollano.

This is the serious charges that carried out publicly against the exponents of the Greek minority, from a political trial against leaders of the Greek minority in 1994. The question led Zhei that, "you go and complain in Greece to Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, the events in Himare, constitutes a violation of national sovereignty of Albania" said Artur Zhei. Vangjel Doule responded that "this is a new threat in Albania and that pluralism will be taken into account in the analysis of geopolitical factors Albanian".

Apparently, Artur Zhei, seeking to say that the Greeks of Albania, should probably complain to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, or elsewhere, for which crimes and terrorism against the Greeks in Albania's Northern Epirus.

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