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Balkan Krankheit der Idioten Klasse der Politik: Fake Diplome, nun Tomislav Nikolic

Die Bildung und die Mafia Universitaeten, oft als private Universitaeten, getarnt, und ohne Lizenz, mit gefaelschten Lizenzen und ohne Schul Raeume. So wird man Minister und Staats Praesidentin sogar wie im Kosovo. Die Deutschen und Amerikaner haben es vorgemacht, vor allem auch immer rund um Georg Soros. Christian Schwarz-Schilling hat es mit dem Kriegs Verbrecher Ejup Ganic, vorgemacht mit einer privaten Universitaet, die Amerikaner sowieso. Die Kasse muss stimmen.
Es ist gut bekannt und Allgemein Bildung, das praktisch alle damalige Politiker gut am Krieg in Jugoslawien verdienten und dazu gehört auch ein Ejup Ganic, der sich heute eine private Hochschule leisten kann, wo Christian Schwarz-Schilling Professor ist, oder besser gesagt: sich kaufen liess.Gigantische Millionen Summen, sind an Honorare an Deutsche Politiker, wegen den Balkan Kriegen gegangen, mit dem Resultat von Null in Bosnien, Kosovo usw.. Nur die Bank Konten der sogenannten Politiker füllten sich.

Beruechtigt auch die Albaner Tetova Universitaet, wo man Titel kauft, fuer Fakultaeten, welche es nie gab, und selbst ernannte Professoren sowieso.

01 May 12 / 07:50:45
Serbian Parties War Over Opposition Leader's Diploma >
As the Serbian election campaign nears the finishing line, the university qualifications of the Progressive Party leader have become an issue.
Bojana Barlovac
Belgrade Tomislav Nikolic, leader of the biggest opposition Progressives Party, has become embroiled in a row over his BA and MA degree.
"If you are interested in my diploma, look into the archives of the Faculty [where I took it] or you can come to my place," Nikolic told a TV station on Sunday.
According to the Progressives' website, Nikolic graduated from a private faculty in Novi Sad, which is owned by a party official, Jorgovanka Tabakovic.
Last week, Aleksandra Jerkov, from the League of Vojvodina Social Democrats, LSV, an ally of Serbia's ruling Democrats, challenged Nikolic to verify which universities he had graduated from.

22.04.2012 SERBIA: IS THE COUNTRY DUE FOR A CHANGE IN POWER? The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans. On the occasion of the early presidential and regular parliamentary, provincial and local elections in Serbia which are to take place on 6 May 2012 IFIMES has prepared an analysis of the current situation in the country. The most interesting sections from the analysis entitled “SERBIA: IS THE COUNTRY DUE FOR A CHANGE IN POWER?” are published below. Unofficially, the election campaign in Serbia has already started a few months ago. For the past year, the present government has refused to offer early parliamentary election. They hesitated until the very last moment when the coalition partners Boris Tadić (Democratic Party-DS) and Ivica Dačić (Socialist Party of Serbia-SPS) reached an agreement to hold early presidential election. In order to enable early presidential election, former President Tadić agreed with Dačić to resign. His function of President of Serbia was temporarily taken over by the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Slavica Đukić-Dejanović (SPS) who announced the presidential election. However, the Tadić-Dačić agreement has a much broader effect: on its basis Dačić has been styling his political speeches for more than a year, trying to target the voters of right-oriented parties - although SPS is officially a left-wing party. The aim is to win the votes of the right and conservative parties in order to prevent Tomislav Nikolić and his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) to win the election together with their coalition partners. BORIS TADIĆ RUNS FOR THE THIRD PRESIDENTIAL TERM OF OFFICE ......................ifimes

In Albanien, direkt mit dem Mafia Boss: Tonin Gjuraj

February 12, 2012

In Albania, Can a U.S. Diploma Deliver?

TIRANA, ALBANIA — Rising above the dingy back streets of the Albanian capital, the silhouette, instantly recognizable, shines out like a promise: the Statue of Liberty, symbol of America, land of opportunity — and also the logo of the University of New York, Tirana (U.N.Y.T.), where students pay more than $32,500 for what a sign in the lobby describes as “the only real European and American education” in the country.
On its elaborate Web site, U.N.Y.T. paints a glowing picture of students enjoying a typical American university experience — complete with student union, college sports, and campus social life — without having to ever leave Albania. Although known locally as “New York University-Tirana” — the name listed on its official charter from the Albanian government — the school has no connection with the campus in Greenwich Village. Nor does it have a dining hall, dormitories, gym, or stadium — the Web page covering sports has been “under construction” for more than a year. The photograph of a library, featured on the cover of the school’s handsomely printed brochure, was in fact taken elsewhere, school officials concede.
But the classes are in English. And thanks to an arrangement with the State University of New York this private Albanian institution does offer its 650 students the chance to acquire an American diploma. By paying the for-profit U.N.Y.T. an extra $100 per credit, for the first three years plus an additional $5,000 for the final year, students can graduate with a degree from Empire State College, a division of SUNY based in Saratoga Springs devoted to adult education and nontraditional learning.
Known by various labels — “validated” or “franchised” degrees, “supported programs,” or branch campuses — such arrangements between universities in the United States, Britain or Australia and various private providers in the developing world have become increasingly common....
Salih Berisha education Mafia: Tonin Gjuraj
Tonin Qjuraj
Tonin Gjuraj, wurde Botschafter, obwohl das Diplomatische Gesetz vorschreibt, das man mindestens 15 Jahre im Auswärtigen Amte und in Diploamtischen Missionen gearbeitet hat, was wieder einmal Alles sagt, weil solche Posten praktisch auch unter Salih Berisha, direkt an die Mafia verkauft werden. Lebensläufe, Arbeits Tätigkeiten sind wilde gefälschte Storys, wie immer in Albanien und wertlos, wie auch sein Professoren Titel.
Universität of New York, Tirana
Wichtigste Produktiv Tätigkeit in Albanien: Handy Bomben bauen - Fälschungen aller Art
Mit gefälschten Diplomen zur 2. höchsten Polizistin —–> Präsidentin des Kosovo aufsteigen: Atifete Jahjaga

President of Kosovo:
Man kauft sich Schul Zeugnisse und Titel in Albanien
Albanian Lawyers Attack ‘Corrupt’ Choice of Judges
Tausende von gefälschten Diplome und Titel der Mafia Universität Tetova, sind erneut Schlagzeilen
7 Hoch Schul Lehrer der neuen Uni in Kamzes, sind der Korruption angeklagt.
7 Direktoren der Steuer Behörde wegen gefälschten Diplomen angeklagt.
Österreich anerkennt Diplome

Wissenschaftler und Bildung in Albanien und Mazedonien: Null Ahnung - und ein typischer Albaner Vorfall mit einer Fähre

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