Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Die Albanische Land Mafia, ein Thema ohne Ende einer kriminellen und korrupten Regieung

The properties in Himara Region: It has been abused process

"Shqip" Newspaper Himara is not implemented land distribution processIn Himara is not fully distributed agricultural land, as 902 families are still not treated according to law 7501 "On land". This is the conclusion of the report, submitted to the Parliamentary Commission of Laws from the representatives of the "coast" when reviewing the draft law "On restitution and compensation." According to the report compiled by the Department of Defense and Land Management in the Municipality of Tirana, which gives the statement of allocation of land in these 20 years, shows that such a process is performed with many problems and abuses, where hundreds of families are still without the title of the farmland. 

 "The civil registration on 1 August 1991 a total of 2649 households, of which: a) The 7501 law were treated with 2281 households, b) not covered by Law 7501 are 902 families, c) treated 534 families who have having civil status in Himara, d) have less surface area 596 families, e) are unstamped forms No. 1230. 6, f) are pafirmosur forms No. 641. 6 g) of the act without number, in compilation form 1361 h) are treated as agricultural land and public land grazing 106 families in 7501 contrary to law, "reads the report of the Municipality of Himara Jerasim signed by the director Bashi. Further, the report noted that "as DMMT verification and the above figures come to the conclusion that the 7501 law in our municipality is not implemented, bringing disorder, major abuses and conflicts.  

As DMMT draw the conclusion that the only solution is the creation of new local committees in villages in the direction of the central committee of the municipality for a fair and legal reallocation. Concern remains the protection of agricultural land. Concern are illegal constructions. These constructions with and without permission are more prevalent in villages Gjilek respectively, Dhermi, Himara and Qeparo, which have nothing to damage agricultural land in significant proportions. " According to the report, concern remains indiscriminate cutting of olives. Law 9244, Article 14, prohibits the laxative construction on agricultural land with the exception of a study is needed. In terms of stock grazing, the pastures in the municipality is 646.1 ha. A disturbing phenomenon is the burning and destruction of physical and chemical elements that lead to reduced productivity and reduced herbaceous diversity. These phenomena are observed in camping opportunities, Qeparo, Himara Vuno and Dhermi.

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