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Kim Yong Nam, sandte Grüsse an seinen Stalinisten Kollegen: Bujar Nishani in Albanien

Albanien hat viele Freunde! Nur kam praktisch niemand zur 100 Jahr Feier.
Grüße aus Nord Korea gab es, zur 100 Jahrfeier, weil die meisten Staaten das Banditen Wesen Albaniens ignorierten, mit dem Salih Berisha Authokraten und Enver Hoxha Freund.Eine Banditen Polizei, und kriminelle Richter, wie in Albanien gibt es nicht in Nord Korea, oder das die Polizei in Nord Korea, Treibstoff Schmuggel organisiert. Ein Chaos und Torten Werfen, wie in Tirana, durch Chaoten, unvorstellbar in Nord Korea.

Es gibt einige Unterschiede zwischen beiden Ländern: Die Albaner dürfen frei reisen, und vernichten ihrhe Antike Stätten und die Küste, schlimmer wie die Taliban. Die Nord Koreaner, haben bis heute ein gutes Schul- und Bildungs System, wo es echte Ingenieure gibt, und das Militär und die Orndung funktioniert auch.
30 NOV 12

Reclusive North Korea Salutes Albanian Birthday


Noting the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence, Kim Yong Nam, reclusive leader of North Korea, sent greetings to President Bujar Nishani on Wednesday.
Ndonëse Presidenca e Shqipërisë, nuk e ka pasqyruar për mediet një gjë të tillë, Koreja e Veriut, i ka shprehur urimet më të mirë Shqipërisë me rastin e 100-vjetorit të Pavarësisë. Lajmi është publikuar në agjencinë kombëtare të lajmeve në vendin aziatik komunist. “Presidenti i Presidiumit të Asamblesë Popullore Supreme, të Republikës Popullore Demokratike të Koresë, të mërkurën i dërgoi një mesazh urimi presidentit të Republikës së Shqipërisë, Bujar Nishani, me rastin e ditës kombëtare. Kim në mesazh i uron presidentit sukses në punën e tij në zhvillimin dhe prosperitetin e vendit”, thuhet në mesazh. Asambleja 

Torten Dieb Tirana Albanien 

Albanische Kultur, mit der Torte zur 100 Jahr Feier: Erst einmal wird geplündert, gestohlen und zerstört, weil man kein Hirn hat, noch Bildung 

Mit Null Diziplin, artete die Verteilung der 500 kg Torte in Tirana in eine Schlacht aus, wo bis jetzt noch Keiner zu Schaden kam, aber Jugendliche mit Null Hirn, nehmen keine Rücksicht, auf Frauen und Kinder und werfen sogar mit Torten Teilen wie in einer Schneeball Schlacht.
Auf Facebook, ist noch ein privates Video, wo Gruppen sich mit Torten Stücken eine Art Schneeball Schlacht veranstalten.

Nationalistische Sprüche!

Berisha: We will unite in Europe 29/11/2012

Berisha: We will unite in Europe
The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, tried the best moderated way to overcome the absence of Greece in the celebrations for the Independence, who claimed that his declarations damage the good neighbourhood with Greece. Berisha immediately explained that he mentioned Preveza referring to its history before 1912, and that Albania had no territorial claims to any neighbour. When asked if he felt the absence of Greece in the celebrations, he said: “The French have an expression. Friends always shine in their absence”. Berisha did not hesitate to talk about the national unification topic, when asked by Top Channel if this would mean the unification of Albania with Kosovo. “Our motto is that we will unite with each other in Europe. I think that this is a just motto, for which every Albanian should work. We must work for our European project and for overcoming hundreds of obstacles that were placed in these 100 years. Regarding the question, the further recognition and the consolidation of the independence of Kosovo, and its regional and international role, will remain the national interest of all Albanians”, Berisha declared. Although these declarations were found unpleasant for the Macedonian and Greek neighbours, Berisha did not hesitate to refer to the historic facts of the XIX century, when Albania had four “vilayets” under the ottoman rule, which were given to the Greek, Serbian and Montenegrin neighbours because of their international alliances, dividing this way the Albanian ethnic land. Berisha made these declarations during the inauguration of a new road that was made in Tirana, and which was named after the Austrian Foreign Minister, Leopold Bertold, who supported the independence of Albania and was against its division. “Cont Bertold, his government and his country, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, had always considered ethnic Albania as a country of 67.000 square km and the main nation in South-Eastern Balkan. But the Balkan Alliance and other factors didn’t allow the realization of this independent state. This is why he strongly supported Ismail Qemali when he declared the independence and founded the Albanian state, as a vital necessity to save the Albanians, that nation that he loved and respected, from disappearing from the map”, Berisha declared. “Cont Bertold, his government and his country, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, had always considered ethnic Albania as a country of 67.000 square km and the main nation in South-Eastern Balkan. But the Balkan Alliance and other factors didn’t allow the realization of this independent state. This is why he strongly supported Ismail Qemali when he declared the independence and founded the Albanian state, as a vital necessity to save the Albanians, that nation that he loved and respected, from disappearing from the map”, Berisha declared. HISTORIANS: ALBANIANS DO NOT DESCEND FROM ILLYRIANS QUOTE #1: First, we have no strong historical 'me'. We had five centuries under Turkish occupation, and at that time, we had a Turkish identity, not an Albanian identity, except for our language. We as Albanians didn’t have a real history during these five centuries. Our history was linked to the Turkish Empire. This is one of the reasons I could say that our nationalism started very late... Traditionally, the society was organized into clans, families, tribes. And our Christian law—the so-called “Canon of Lek Dukagjini”—was called by one of the popes the least Christian law in the world. It was firmly linked to the blood feud. And Albanians could defend only their own house, their own family, their own tribe, and they didn’t care about others. Fatos Lubonja famous Albanian dissident usw. Question: Undeniable is the fact that in Albania the toponyms are, say, without exception - Slavic. To what is that owed? Dr. Kaplan Resuli: On the territory of today's Albania, as has already been confirmed by the most distinguished world scholars, from whom I have already mentioned some, first settled the Slavs. In 548 A.D., they enter also in Durrachium. The Albanians come via Transylvania (Romania) and Bulgaria much later, IX-X century. In the meantime, understandably, the Slavs have already named all mountains, valleys, rivers, towns and villages, and built some new ones, giving them their own names. When the Albanians arrive on the Balkan and today¹s Albania, there is nothing else they can do except to take those toponyms. A large part of Albania is flooded with Serbian and Macedonian toponyms. Just as an example, I wish to mention the towns of Pogradec, Kor?a (Korcha), (Chorovoda), Berat, Bozigrad, Leskovik, Voskopoja, Kuzova, Kelcira, Bels and others. Already in 1995 at the University of Skopje, it became clear to me that there will not be peace on the Balkan until the Albanian question is clarified. For that reason I switched rom the law faculty to the albanological studies and here, contrary to what was being said and written not only by the Albanian, but also by our, Yugoslavian scholars, contrary to what is being taught not only in the Albanian language schools (in Albania, as well as in Macedonia), but also in the schools of ³south-slavic² languages, I discovered that not only the Albanians are not autochthonous people, but they are also not related in any way to the Pelasgians or the Illyrians. Understandably, not one of the professors in Albanology has said this to me. They continued with the tale that allegedly Albanians are autochthonous Pelasgoillyrian descendants. I discovered that by chance, studying the Albanian language, which, all agree, is of the type SATEM. According to that global division of languages, researching the Illyrian language I discovered that it is of the type KENTUM. The most elementary logic was saying to me that one SATEM language can not be a direct descendant, not even a kind of derivative of some KENTUM language, without a change of its substrate. Since the Albanian language does not have any changes in its substrate, that means that the Albanians can¹t be, under any circumstance, genealogical descendants of the Illyrians. Later I discovered this, as well, in the works of the world renown professors and scholars... Standford Universität Lindita Kosumi, an education expert told SETimes that the ministry of education and all municipalities should advance their hiring methods. "It is clear that corruption and nepotism play a key role in getting a job in the education sector in Pristina and all other municipalities around Kosovo, so Pristina is not the only case. The way the call is done, the criterias and the selection are suspicious," Kosumi said. Kosumi said that having familiar links or being member of political parties that run the cities is an important factor to get a job as teacher or school director. "In each city, the political party which runs it employs their militants as school directors and teachers sometime unfortunately. This cause lack of professionalism and lack of quality, which has an long-term impact on having an undeveloped education sector, and children who will not get an adequate education. We are now paying the bills for that," said Kosumi. Aferdita Bahtiri has two children who go in the Emin Duraku primary school in Pristina. She says that the latest incidents worry her about security in the city and the school especially. "Imagine when one of the highest city officials is murdered in his office, what safety have our children in the schools or we all in the city," Bahtiri told SETimes. Council for Defending Human Rights and Freedoms Executive Director Behxhet Shala tells SETimes that this tragedy could have been prevented if a better process was implemented. "This murder could be avoided -- [it shows] to what level insecurity in Kosovo [has reached], and there are no preventive mechanisms for these crimes," said Shala. ........................... Setimes Report: poor education affects Albania’s economic growth 01/12/2010 TIRANA, Albania — The low level of education in Albania is hindering economic growth, according to a new report by the World Bank, quoted by local media on Monday (November 30th). Albania has fewer educated employees compared to developed countries and countries in the region, the document concluded. Currently, Albania has the lowest number of high school graduates — 48.7% compared to 62% in the Balkans. By the end of 2009, more than half of the big companies in the country cited lack of knowledge among their employees as their biggest barrier. The World Bank said this is critical, as companies are the catalyst for potential future economic growth. Albania is spending less on education, the report noted, and ten times less on scientific research than EU countries. (Top Channel, News 24, Top [6] News - 30/11/10) [7] A New Agenda for Albania’s Future Growth (Press Release) 2009, waren noch die Studenten und Jugendlichen, für die Salih Berisha Regierung. Inzwischen fordert man deutlich die Absetzung der Regierung und ebenso die Entlassung, ihrer verdummten Professoren, die Nichts wissen, aber ein Partei Buch haben. *****en ohne richtigen Haut Schul Abschluß, können in Albanien, ohne Problem Minister werden, (oder gar Parlaments Präsident, PM etc..), weswegen Nichts funktioniert. Das ist wie mit Joschka Fischer, der auch nur Haupt Schul Abschluß hatte und einen Taxi Schein, als Berufs Ausbildung. Die Studenten fordern die Ablösung ihrer Professoren und ihre Ausbildung auf eine moderne Ausbildung zu bringen. Die Bücher, der Medizin Bücher sind von 1972! Wo wohl das viel Geld, für Bildung in Albanien geblieben ist, wo doch der Herr Micky Maus Minister Genc Pollo, zwar sehr gut Deutsch kann, gute Beziehungen nach Österreich hat und zu Gestalten, welche sehr viel Geld haben und in Luxus Top Autos herum fahren. Verdummung und Null Wissenschaftliche Lehre, ist ein Markenzeichen im Süd Balkan, wo Professoren *****en sind. Das wurde sogar von dem Bildungs Minister in Mazedonien ebenso festgestellt, das man sich nur Titel zusammen kauft. Bei einem Meeting der HSS in Tirana, wurde identischen Dumm Wissen, festgestellt, was man immer noch versucht zu verkaufen. Forschung | 03.12.2010 Wissenschaft im Dienste der Ideologie Die Antike hält her für nationalistische Mythenbildung Auch 20 Jahre nach der Wende halten sich in den albanischsprachigen Geisteswissenschaften alte ideologische Klischees hartnäckig. Historiker und Philologen verteidigen den Mythos der illyrischen Abstammung der Albaner. ………………………. [4] D-Welle Energie Probleme ohne Ende, wobei es früher im Süden nie Probleme gab, weil die auch u.a. ihren Strom bezahlen im Gegensatz zu Nord Albanien. Kukes 4% Zahler, Tropoje 0 %, was Alles sagt. Salih Berisha will diese Anarchie Zustände, seiner Verbrecher Banden, denn diese Banden sind Landes weit auf Plünderung Tour. Thursday, November 29, 2012

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_banort_e_postribs_brenda_nstacionit_elektrik_shkodra1.jpg Himara Region four days without power 100th Anniversary of Independence of Albania, electricity is interrupted, the control outside the regionespecially during nights hours. While Albania and Kosova celebrate the 100th anniversary of the independence of Albania, the Himara region, continues for four days, without electricity, because the Corporation eneregjitike, CHEZ, a high voltage pole, "is overruled." But the situation throughout the Himara Region is dramatic, especially during nights, where no cars identified by the plates, moving to make terror or any robbery. Concerned citizens have asked outraged that the state of Albania, to provide electricity, as this community pays taxes 100% and does not deserve to be treated in this way. Lack of electricity in the area, favors evildoers, who rob the houses of the inhabitants, a large proportion of whom live in emigration, Greece. Die militanten Banden des Salih Berisha Tirana: Chaos um eine Torte und das Massaker an 1.000 Schafen Der “Goebbels PR Stil” der Albanischen Regierungs Propaganda und die Fakten Verdrehung der Geschichte

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