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Italian General Confirms Kosovo Albanian Atrocities

Italian General Confirms Kosovo Albanian Atrocities

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General Mauro Del Vecchio
General Mauro Del Vecchio

General Del Vecchio: We were Finding Bodies of Killed Serbs Every Morning

Report by Blic Online
Mauro Del Vecchio, former general of Italian Army who led the unit of 7,000 soldiers which entered Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province in June 1999, after the end of NATO air strikes on Serbia, told Italian weekly Panorama that during the first three weeks of his mandate “reports about the found bodies of killed Serbs and Roma were coming to his desk each morning”, but that was a taboo subject they were not allowed to speak about with journalists.
“The killing continued later but not as frequently. Those that have not fled Kosovo were under permanent risk to be killed or raped. Deserted Serbian houses were leveled to the ground or set on fire. Albanians were attacking the churches and monasteries, too. Their goal was to erase every trace of Serbian presence in Kosovo”, Del Vecchio said.
After commanding NATO Multinational Brigade North in Bosnia and Herzegovina (March-October 1997), General Del Vecchio was assigned commander of NATO Kosovo Force of the Multinational Brigade West in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. He is today a representative of Democratic Party in the Italian Senate.
Magazine Panorama published for the first time photographs of Serbian victims taken by the KFOR Italian soldiers in 1999.
“Nobody was taking Serbian bodies that were left in all possible places. Mothers and wives of abducted Serbs were pleading for their loved ones to be found, but the majority of them have never been found, including those that were killed”, General Del Vecchio said.
Italian weekly reports as a horrifying fact that 70 percent of the total number of abducted Kosovo Serbs have been kidnapped after June 1999, when the war was officially over and NATO troops already stationed throughout the province.
Panorama also came in possession of photographs found by the UNMIK soldiers in Decani in 2003, but decided not to publish them because of the sheer horror captured on them. They show Kosovo Albanian terrorists, members of the monstrous KLA, smiling while posing with the severed Serbian heads. Other photographs show them stuffing a bag with at least two severed heads. The magazine stresses that the zone in which these photographs were taken and found was under the command of Kosovo Albanian war criminal, Ramush Haradinaj, who was given the post of “Kosovo premier” by the Americans after they seized the Serbian province.
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