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Serbia: "Customs agreement with EULEX next"

"Customs agreement with EULEX next"
13 September 2009 | 14:00 | Source: Beta
PRIŠTINA -- After a police protocol, EULEX and Serbian officials will intensify preparations for customs and judiciary cooperation, Albanian press in Priština writes.

Daily Koha Ditore quotes its sources who said that the next technical agreement that Serbia must sign in the process of EU visa liberalization is the one regarding customs, which, according to this, will be more beneficial for Kosovo.

"That protocol will force Serbia to recognize customs with Kosovo and will create a single customs zone in Kosovo," an unnamed international diplomat was quoted by the newspaper.

"The customs cooperation protocol will not only lead to Serbia establishing customs points with Kosovo, but will see Gates 1 and 31 [ Jarinje and Brnjak administrative crossings] completely integrated into the Kosovo customs system, turning them into a border between Kosovo and Serbia," said the same source.

EULEX spokeswoman Alexandra George said there was an initiative for a protocol covering these areas as well, but that its realization is not urgent.

"Preliminary discussions over that protocol have already been held with Belgrade, but there are no deadlines to sign the customs protocol. Such a document will be signed once a good solution has been found," said she.

The newspaper concludes that George reminded that "the European Commission recognized Kosovo as a separate customs zone separated from Serbia in 2000".
The murder and fascist terror of the Albanian mafia will be happy

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