Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

Das Albanische Verfassungs Gericht erklärt das Albanisch - Griechische Kontinental See Abkommen für ungültig

 Eigentlich ein ganz normales Abkommen, was im Politischen Sumpf und Markt Geschreie der Mafia Medien unterging.

Teilweise, liegt es auch an purer Dummheit von etlichen sogenannten Politikern und Medien Schreiern, denn man braucht nun mal solche Abkommen für die Adria, welche im Einklang mit dem Internationalen Seerecht stehen.

Albanian court to overturn maritime border agreement with Greece

TIRANA, Albania -- The Constitutional Court will strike down an agreement on maritime borders between Albania and Greece, according to local media reports Tuesday (January 26th). The court is expected to rule that the document violates the Albanian Constitution and must be renegotiated. The agreement, delineating maritime borders in the Ionian Sea, was signed in April 2009 during a high-profile meeting between Prime Minister Sali Berisha and his then Greek counterpart, Costas Karamanlis. Adoption by parliament was blocked in November, after the opposition Socialist Party moved to have it reviewed by the Constitutional Court. (VoA, Lajmifundit, Shekulli, Top Channel - 26/01/10)

Greece and Albania still no "official boundaries"

Constitutional Court of Albania, opposed the Pact with Greece: "The new agreement for borders, becomes relying on Albania's national interests"

TIRANA - The government of Berisha's decision recognizing that maritime borders Greece - Albania, is blocked by the Constitutional Court, which decided by majority vote to not approve the agreement for determining the shelf sea between Greece and Albania.

The decision was made known officially, confirming the agreement, is considered in its entirety as anti constitutional and in violation of territorial and economic interests of Albania, without giving further details about the contested points.

Socialist Party, had asked the Constitutional Court to declare the anti constitutional government decision, for water pact with Greece.

But according to analysts, two countries, resume between their known positions, even though both are NATO allies, the territorial sea borders of Greece by officially is considered as a "New diplomatic incident" since the time, when Greece with a presidential decree of considers Albania from 1940 as an "enemy country".


Gjykata Kushtetuese rrëzon me votim unanim 9-0, marrëveshjen e përcaktimit të kufirit detar me Greqinë. Vendimi i marrë mbrëmjen e djeshme rreth orës 20:30, është konfirmuar zyrtarisht për “Gazeta Shqiptare”. Ka qene kjo e perditshme qe se bashku me TVNews24 e BalkanWeb denoncuan shkeljen qe i behet territorit shqiptar nga marreveshja mes dy qeverive.
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