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Das Pädophilen Kinder Hilfswerk um David Brown in Albanien

David Brown der Leiter eines Kinder Hilfs Werkes aus England wurde in 2007 schon verhaftet wegen Kinder Missbrauch und es wirft ein weiteres düsteres Licht auf angebliche NGO's und die wahren Hintergründe und des Kinderhandels.

City man faces hepatitis test in Albanian child abuse case

MEDICAL tests are to be carried out to establish whether an Edinburgh charity worker at the centre of abuse allegations in Albania has ever suffered from hepatitis B, it has been reported.
David Brown, 56, who ran an orphanage in the country's capital Tirana, has been in prison for more than two years since the allegations of abuse were made.

His trial has been repeatedly delayed, but now Albanian reporters have said Mr Brown will be analysed by a group of doctors to see if he has ever suffered from the sexually transmitted disease.

Their findings are said to be crucial to the case, as the child Mr Brown is alleged to have abused is hepatitis B positive.

The tests are expected to be carried out over the coming weeks, with the next scheduled hearing of the trial due to take place in September.

New Scotman

Men face extradition over 'abuse'
A judge has ruled in favour of extraditing two British former charity workers who face allegations of sexually abusing orphans in Albania.

Dino Christodoulou, 44, from Blackburn, and Robin Arnold, 55, from Norwich, are alleged to have molested six children.

The allegations relate to orphans aged between six and 13 at the His Children refuge in Tirana in 2004, London's City of Westminster Magistrates Court heard.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will make the final decision over extradition.

A third Briton, David Brown, was arrested in Albania in connection with the case, where he is awaiting trial.

'Foreign jurisdiction'

In a written judgment handed down at the court, Judge Anthony Evans said the refuge was set up by Mr Brown and housed orphans aged between two and 14 years old.

The judge said Mr Christodoulou and Mr Arnold faced allegations of "various sexual offences involving the children and of child abuse".

Defence lawyers for the two men had argued that Albanian authorities were proceeding towards Mr Brown's trial before their extradition had been determined.

But Judge Evans said he was satisfied that the Albanian court had not yet started their trial.

He concluded: "I do not, therefore, consider that it would be unjust in this case if extradition were to take place."

The case will now be sent to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who will make the final decision. Both men were remanded in custody.

They will be charged under Albanian law, if and when they are extradited, a spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service told the BBC after the court hearing.

"The Crown Prosecution Service is simply acting as solicitors for foreign jurisdiction in this case," the spokeswoman said

Albania sentences two Britons to prison for paedophilia


TIRANA, Albania -- A court in Tirana on Tuesday (January 12th) sentenced two Britons to a total of 35 years in prison for sexually molesting children at an orphanage. After a two-year process, the court found Dino Christodoulou and Robin Arnold guilty and sentenced them to 20 and 15.5 years respectively. The trial started in 2005 when the two volunteers at the His Children Orphanage were reported for abuse of children aged 6, 7 and 9. In 2008, a court sentenced John David Brown, to 20 years in prison based on the same charges. The orphanage has since closed. (Top Channel, Alsat, Klan, Balkan Web - 12/01/10)

Das Kinderhilfswerk der Kinder Schänder

Albania on global blacklist of child sex trafficking

TIRANA, Albania -- A coalition of child protection organisations in the United Kingdom describes Albania as a country with one of the highest levels of child trafficking for sex. British media reported on Sunday (August 17th) the findings, which suggest Albania, Ghana and Cambodia are hosts to so-called child sex tourism. Traffickers smuggle the children from the country of origin mostly to the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation. The report criticises the British justice system for tolerating this phenomenon while stressing that most of the paedophiles are teachers or volunteers who work in orphanages. Currently, British citizen David Brown, former administrator of a children's centre in Tirana, and two other foreign citizens are on trial in Albania for paedophilia. (Top Channel, BalkanWeb, Netpress - 18/08/08

Ein schwerer Kindes Missbrauch in Elbasan, wo Nachbarn Anzeige erstatteten, weil ein Vater seine 13-jährige Tochter schwängerte! Natürlich war der Kerl wieder aus Tropoje - Nord Albanien, wo diese Art von Zuständen wie im Kosovo öfters vorkommen.

Die Anzeige ist sehr fortschrittlich, denn schnell kommt die Blutrache auf den Tisch, weil jeder Clan, solche Dinge als seine Privat Sache ansieht.


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