Montag, 4. Januar 2010

Die Albanische Mafia will unbedingt auch Nord Griechenland annektieren


The "Liberation Army TSAMOURIA» (UCC) and Turkish designs!

by George Despotides
Geopolitical Analyst

TSAMOURIA, the Albanian revisionism considers the region of Epirus, which includes the geographical areas of Igoumenitsa, Parga, Paramythia Filati and Margariti, that is the current Thesprotia.

Of course, in addition to Thesprotia, Albanian interest at first sight difficult to interpret, observed on Western Thrace.

Former Albanian Foreign Minister Paskal Milo, deals in detail with the Muslim minority there. In the past, has criticized the Greek state for policy-cleansing against the minority. Noted that he has done research in the field with visits to Western Thrace.

The question of the Chams and their protests, which smoldering for some time, back in the news as a threat or claim by the Albanian state or integrated into the overall strategy to unite the "liberated Albanian homelands........

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Kommentar: Paskal Milo, ein dummer Labber Fritze, gehoert zu den von den SPD und FES Faschisten finanzierten Verbrecher Banden der Oppositions Partei SP.

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